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  • Churches


    2023-01-22Donald Boulton

    In the 1990's I traveled all over the USA going to Hundreds of different Churches investigating what was true or not about there worship of Father God. Just now reinvestigating the Church Life. OKC w…

  • Homeless


    2023-01-01Donald Boulton

    Homelessness I am the worlds top expert on Homelessness, I will prove it. I am extremely pissed at the people in the homeless industry with their thieving ways. I will used OKC for an example, and am…

  • Trinity of Angels

    Trinity of Angels

    2023-01-01Donald Boulton

    Trinity of Angelic Dream Girls Original Posting 2021-04-11 update post 2022-11-15 Trinity Revealed These Angels were born in my time and are young for a reason to hopefully break the world of Mass co…



    2022-12-20Donald Boulton

    Turn Off Your Phones Original Posting: 2021-06-06 Clues to EMF I lived with tree huggers in Arcata CA, for some time. There were a lot with them with Doctorates, very intelligent, smart and wise peop…

  • Psychedelic Mushrooms

    Psychedelic Mushrooms

    2022-12-04Donald Boulton

    Shrumers Man Father God through my spark through our creator Angels, gave us all things in perfection. All cures are in nature. Every yes has a no, whatever you can prove you can un-prove. Every st…

  • Sleeper Agent

    Sleeper Agent

    2022-12-04Donald Boulton

    Chinese and Mexican everybody else as Sleeper Agents A sleeper agent, also called sleeper cell, is a spy who is placed in a target country or organization not to undertake an immediate mission but to…

  • The Day The I

    The Day The I

    2022-12-04Donald Boulton

    original post: 2022-06-04 The Day Live For the Day, Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is not here Yet! For the Day was made for Man, not Man for the day! A Story of Abraham He so loved Father God he made s…

  • Twitter Gate

    Twitter Gate

    2022-12-03Donald Boulton

    Twitter Gate Google Gate Facebook Gate Note: Youtube has in the last month has taken it upon themselves to take down a lot of exculpatory evidence related to covid and Google Gate trying to cover the…

  • Earths Magnetic Flux

    Earths Magnetic Flux

    2022-12-02Donald Boulton

    Common Sense on Planetary Issues Original Post dated: 2020-03-02 🌎 As a child I could not get enough information on Planetary issues. I had subscriptions to all info on science and anything mechanica…

  • Gatsby Version Five

    Gatsby Version Five

    2022-11-18Donald Boulton

    Gatsby Version Five v5.3.3 This Site uses Gatsby Version "gatsby": "^5.3.3" , with React 18.2.0 Node 18.12.1 with NPM 8.11.0 . Now I can use Gatsby 5.3.3, with MDX version 3.20.0 Do you really …

  • Hollywood Control

    Hollywood Control

    2022-11-11Donald Boulton

    Hollywood Brainwashing Most of the world is brainwashed through entertainment, it enters you and taints you then you need your Own Government Mint to afford it. The Hollywood evil have been linked to…

  • Animated Sections

    Animated Sections

    2022-10-20Donald Boulton

    Sectionize Content Animated Sections with Framer Motion for React / Gatsby Animated Sections. This is super easy but you will have to go through all your, .md or .mdx page's to Sectionize. Fade i…

  • Bullshit


    2022-10-17Donald Boulton

    Bullshit Ukrainian War Lies On the news the Russian army is destroying the electrical grid and water supplies, BULLSHIT like the rest of the war it's a scam to destablize NATO, RUSSIA, and the USA.. …

  • Stranger Fiction

    Stranger Fiction

    2022-10-13Donald Boulton

    Far Out I had to make a page on this, it's just to cool, and maybe add some to it later. © Provided by 🔗 The Hill Written By: 🔗 Bernard Goldberg Sometimes I think I’m watching a Fellini movie, one …

  • more More MORE

    more More MORE

    2022-10-10Donald Boulton

    The Curse of More more More MORE, I want More. The essence of physical creation is more and it's also your first foundational test. Which of you can seek less, for the case of true serenity. I spoke …

  • Gatsby Partytown

    Gatsby Partytown

    2022-08-06Donald Boulton

    Partytown 🔗 Partytown By builder.io is a lazy-loaded library to help relocate resource intensive scripts into a web worker, and off of the main thread. Its goal is to help speed up sites by dedicat…

  • mRNA Reprogramming

    mRNA Reprogramming

    2022-07-21Donald Boulton

    Turn On Turn Off Excerpt from: 🔗 Creative Biolabs mRNA reprogramming is a “footprint-free” method that can evoke the production of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) without heritable changes to…

  • Virtue


    2022-07-20Donald Boulton

    For My Children Since 2000 Original Publication Dated: 2021-04-22 Passion of the Flesh Updated: August 17th 2022 This is perfect to explain to my children about saving yourself for just one other to…

  • Mother Russia

    Mother Russia

    2022-07-17Donald Boulton

    Mother Russia The truth surrounding everyone wanting Mother Russia's assets, land and mineral resources, and how they will lie, steal, war, NATO Romper Room will do anything to get it. Europe has for…

  • Aborted Fetuses

    Aborted Fetuses

    2022-07-16Donald Boulton

    Abortion is Murder Here you go Fox News another one of my works you can plagiarize with no credit. For over 20 years our Government and Medical Industry has stated that we need more aborted fetuses f…

  • Baby Formula

    Baby Formula

    2022-05-14Donald Boulton

    The people of the USA and our GOV and mostly our Churches sent most of our available baby formula to Poland. Google the above and see how many Church's and non-profits sent what we need here overseas…

  • Vaccination


    2022-05-04Donald Boulton

    Rated Raw! I am beginning to find Russell Brand is a better news source than Fox News or anyone else. I will be adding his videos in some of my page's. Russell's Informative Comedy I find on point an…

  • Andrea Bocelli

    Andrea Bocelli

    2022-04-24Donald Boulton

    Andrea Bocelli In my latter part of my life I have sought utility and needing a little as possible to get by, usually just my needs, very few want's. No Professional sporting events, No Nascar races …

  • Trinity of Man

    Trinity of Man

    2022-04-17Donald Boulton

    Revelations 22 for 2022 Remember my Children, Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is hol…

  • War Machine

    War Machine

    2022-03-03Donald Boulton

    War Machine Biden and China's Responsible China is behind all of this including our border disaster and shutting off USA Oil, it benefits them greatly. The illegal sanctions on Russia and the Oligarc…

  • Angelina Jordan

    Angelina Jordan

    2022-01-10Donald Boulton

    To My Love Happy Birthday Happy birthday to you ❤️ Happy birthday to you 🎈 Happy birthday, dear Angelina Jordan 💕 Happy birthday to you 🎂 Short Poem Song If only the world knew of my Angel from Heaven…

  • JSON-LD for MDX

    JSON-LD for MDX

    2022-01-05Donald Boulton

    Introduction schema-dts JSON LD TypeScript types for Schema.org vocabulary. Google schema-dts provides TypeScript definitions for Schema.org vocabulary in JSON-LD format. The typings are exposed as …

  • Gatsby Version Four

    Gatsby Version Four

    2021-11-23Donald Boulton

    Gatsby Coolness Static Site Generation One downside of SSG is longer build times. As the number of pages of your site grows, so does the build time. Gatsby supports incremental builds to make sure th…

  • Cookies Consent Gdpr

    Cookies Consent Gdpr

    2021-11-15Donald Boulton

    Cookie Consent GDPR Update August 6th 2022 Load Google Tag Manager (GTM), Analytics, GTM Version 4, in a Web Worker off the main thread. Partytown Webworker Change Cookie Consent Remove gatsby-plugi…

  • Immorality Abortion

    Immorality Abortion

    2021-10-13Donald Boulton

    Abortion Immorality 4/12/22 Victory for the children and God's truths in Creation, Oklahoma Outlawed Murder as in Abortion. 6/24/2022 Another Victory for the children and God's truths in Creation. Ro…

  • React Netlify Forms

    React Netlify Forms

    2021-08-12Donald Boulton

    React Netlify Forms React components and hooks giving you the power of Netlify Forms. Start building serverless forms on Netlify with React. Honeypot fields and reCAPTCHA are included as ready-to-use…

  • Cyber Attack

    Cyber Attack

    2021-05-24Donald Boulton

    Warning Attack! Shelter Your Minds! Prelude The below is kind of like last years 🔗 Playtime Post my first call out to the, "Evil Ones", it's not very kind and doesn't flow well and is kind of relea…

  • The Law Commandments

    The Law Commandments

    2021-04-30Donald Boulton

    The Law Something the USA and World has forgotten about! These laws were set way before Moses and were a World standard way of belief in all cultures! The Catholic Church doesn’t see the Ten Commandm…

  • Utility


    2021-04-28Donald Boulton

    Utility Looks like I need to define what I mean by utility. Below is synonyms for economy and utility. Any english word can mean about anything! As economy and utility are similar and since everyone …

  • Philosophy


    2021-04-22Donald Boulton

    To Sophistry My writing of God in the past gotten interpreted as philosophy. I will make it real clear what I write is Gods Knowledge not Human philosophy! Knowledge Added 6/3/2021 People do not know…

  • Government


    2021-04-20Donald Boulton

    Government In the year 2021 the way you govern is ancient. You have the internet and a secure way of voting online and not need any representation, as in congress. Everyone could at any time can prop…

  • Sing A Song

    Sing A Song

    2021-04-17Donald Boulton

    Lost Song I had a such voice when I was young that "Robert Platt", voice teacher to, some pop stars, gave me free lessons and came and found me if I did not show up. All I wanted to do was sing, and …

  • Works Of Flesh

    Works Of Flesh

    2021-04-13Donald Boulton

    Intro Works Old Testament When Father God Spoke In dream prayers to Mankind. Before Jesus answered your dream prayers, "New Testament", till 2000. Now it's my time! In my Human sometimes iniquitous l…

  • Who Are the Jews

    Who Are the Jews

    2021-04-11Donald Boulton

    Who are the Jewish People? Jewish History Some of You that agree with my Creation of All, I am going to lose here for a short time, until you see I am right. It's Ok kids, breaking from traditions is…

  • Gods Experiments

    Gods Experiments

    2021-04-10Donald Boulton

    Tests of Substance Creation in its essence is to extend, to know, or to affirm. When Father God Consumed the lesser Gods he could have just left them as a cancer inside of himself. He saw this as a o…

  • Creation of All

    Creation of All

    2021-04-04Donald Boulton

    Trinary Composition All substance is bound by a trinary composition consisting of, "- as negative, no life", "0 as Null", "and + as positive or Life". Having a binding Force as Dark Matter to bind al…

  • About


    2020-12-05Donald Boulton

    To Convey My Knowledge I employ Feynman Wisdom in explications of Code, Government, Law and God with a little Sufism Wisdom for brevity. The 🔗 Feynman Learning Technique is a simple way of appr…

  • USA Election

    USA Election

    2020-11-21Donald Boulton

    USA Election Our 2020 election was the most major Racketeering scheme ever, using foreigners from all over the World as illegal alien nationals to manipulate the election is the biggest scumbag move …

  • How to Use

    How to Use

    2020-10-16Donald Boulton

    How To Use Clone your own version of the starter template or fork the repository. Run yarn then yarn build or yarn develop . The default colour scheme is purple to match the Gatsby logo. Change …

  • Roadmap


    2020-10-15Donald Boulton

    Roadmap The following are some potential features that are being considered as enhancements to this starter. Please consider sponsoring us if these features are important to you and you would like …

  • Applause useSound Confetti

    Applause useSound Confetti

    2020-10-10Donald Boulton

    Applause Button Click the flowers 🎉 for claps in the Bio Section above and see an hear the Magic. 🤟🎉 I wanted a Applause button with sound and Confetti of my own design and below is what I came up wi…

  • Protesting


    2020-08-30Donald Boulton

    Protesting There is allot of protesting around the World and USA, and I find these protests are valid arguments, but with not any fixes or conclusions on how to solve the problem. Without some basis …

  • Group Sports

    Group Sports

    2020-08-15Donald Boulton

    Group Sports and Coaches Suck I have always been a big Collage Football Fan, Go OSU Cowboys. I prefer individual sports and recommend them like Motocross and Tennis, the two sports I participated in …

  • Markdown Cheat Sheet

    Markdown Cheat Sheet

    2020-07-31Matt Cone

    Introduction This blog post is adapted from the cheat sheet in Markdown Guide written by Matt Cone. This Markdown cheat sheet provides a quick overview of all the Markdown syntax elements. It can’t…

  • Playtime


    2020-04-07Donald Boulton

    Playtime Addition as of April 1st 2021 Been almost a year since the below and kind of came down off the Covid-19. I was out there pissed off, It did not do much to me except make me mad, well I final…

  • React SEO

    React SEO

    2019-07-30Donald Boulton

    JSON-LD for MDX See my Post on JSON-LD for MDX and Typescript using Googles 'schema-dts', with 'react-schemaorg'! JSON-LD Per Template 📡 react SEO JSON-LD and meta tags, "per page", is the only logi…

  • React Hook Form

    React Hook Form

    2019-04-23Donald Boulton

    React Hook Forms ↩️ I chose this module to validate my forms, its lightweight and integrates with yup schemas. Plus a nice online form builder and right on point instructions. You can see this form va…

  • React GitHub Comments Utterances

    React GitHub Comments Utterances

    2019-04-16Donald Boulton

    React withUtterances Repo Why use withUtterances as utterances 👽 Taken From: bhnywl.com Lets say all your users are developers and already have a GitHub account so they don’t need to sign up for yet…

  • Google Maps React Hooks

    Google Maps React Hooks

    2019-03-25Donald Boulton

    From janosh.io Google Maps + React Hooks 🔗 janosh.io Google Maps + React Hooks ♨️ Had to share this one since it is so nice and simple. If you are looking for a drop-in, zero-dependency Google Maps R…

  • React Hooks Masonry

    React Hooks Masonry

    2019-03-25Donald Boulton

    React Hooks Masonry 🔗 janosh.io React Hooks Masonry 🔥 Now that we have React Hooks, so many components can (and probably should 🔗 despite what Dan said at React Conf ) be rewritten in a more succin…

  • React Hooks Modal

    React Hooks Modal

    2019-03-25Donald Boulton

    React Hooks Modal Taken from 🔗 janosh.io 🔥 Ready to start coding. But what to do first? One thing that seemed a good fit for hooks are modals. I'd implemented them once or twice before and in both c…

  • Netlify CMS

    Netlify CMS

    2019-03-22Donald Boulton

    CAUTION Netlify CMS IS NOT MAINTAINED and does not work with Gatsby or GitHub anymore. 🔥 Static + content management = ❤️ 🔗 CMS Site Netlify Cms App Republished and edited 9/3/2022 Netlify CMS adding…

  • 0BSD Licence

    0BSD Licence

    2013-03-13Rob Landley

    Origin Rob Landley posted this in the Toybox mailing list on 13 March 2013 to introduce the 0BSD licence which was subsequently adopted by the Toybox project. Nobody but me is likely to care, but I…

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    2013-03-13Donald Boulton

    User data is encrypted ⚓ The privacy of my visitors is extremely important. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information that is received and collected and how it is used. First and…