Aborted Fetuses

Aborted Fetuses are for the rich and powerful to stay alive and young. Including vaccines and drugs the normal person does not have access to. So the rich need aborted baby's.
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Developed and Written by: Donald Boulton🎉 0
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Abortion is Murder

Here you go Fox News another one of my works you can plagiarize with no credit.

For over 20 years our Government and Medical Industry has stated that we need more aborted fetuses for research, drugs and vaccines.

The have created in the minds of you brainwashed americans and all our little girls around the world that you do not need birth control, just get a abortion if you get pregnant.

Evil Biden and Nancy Pelosi know thats the only way they still walk and talk. The fossilized pieces of trash want you to murder your baby’s, you have been so brainwashed and uneducated toward non-truth you go for it. Not knowing your being played like the Devil with her Fiddle, so the medical industry can have its rich peoples drugs.

Do you see any rich people aborting there baby’s = “NOT”, thats poor people job to kill there baby’s while the rich stay alive and get rich over you being convinced its ok to kill even your baby’s, for any old little reason.

They think only about themselves and do not and cannot agree with there Catholic religion because without your dead baby’s cells they would be in a nursing home or dead.

How many Government officials or Rich people or Hollywood Scum died because of Covid-19? Very very few compared to the rest of the population, and that because they have access to rich peoples drugs that they do not even tell us about.

Your Doctors and Governments officials do not care anything about any of you its all for the elite thieves who own 99% of everything, and constantly steal from working Americans and around the world. This is in every country, whether democratic, socialist, communist or authoritarian, the thief rich scum are the same, no matter what they call there thievery.

This is what you get went you have thieves in Gov, starting with the Kennedy’s that trained the Clinton’s, Obama and Biden. Almost every president and congressional person; including your state GOV.

Go into GOV fro 2 or more years and come out filthy rich = all of them, and not on there GOV paycheck but by manipulating the laws so they and there friends and lobbyists can get rich.

They got it all and we scrape by trying to eat.

This is a never ending pattern of humanity, where 90% of you just lay down. And as usual you get taken over by pussy’s that could not punch or figure there way out of a wet paper bag.

Gen Milley makes sure he backs WOKE pussy’s with the super trained boys and girls, and illegal immigrants around, and thats our trained weapon bering terrorists that are very well brainwashed to kill the American people, and none would hesitate to kill there own children if ordered to.

Lived in Oceanside CA right next to Camp Pendleton.

I asked different marine boys, white, black, hispanic or invaders many times, that if there was some kind of protest and you were ordered to go kill the protesters and you family was there what would you do. Without a blink or hesitation they all said they would kill anyone if ordered, even there own children. “All Of Them”, = same response, like they are Robots with the same programming. Navy, Army, and AirForce = same blank stare of murderous intent for our own people or anyone!

Shit loads of are x-military are freaking out on the quality and composition of our current military personal, especially our WOKE Generals.

This is not our kids fault, starting this indoctrination in and on TV, School, bumper stickers saying hate this and hate that, and its everywhere, making our kids think that killing others and taking there things is ok as long as our GOV says so.

Same at Fort Sill, and about 20 military bases I worked on. I was getting prevailing wages from a temp service Labor Ready, so I moved around a lot to get these jobs when they came open. Same response from our boys and girls in the military everywhere.

And talk about pollution and destruction of our atmosphere, the military’s and wars of this world are causing 25% of the pollution and destruction of the mother like no other, you think were going to stop them from polluting our oceans or stop there jets and rockets ionizing our atmosphere = no way they can destroy any thing they want, not caring in the least.

Thats scary that our our children would kill us without hesitation for any reason if ordered.

So this is what there fall back is if we do not comply, They took our 2nd Amendment right to Militia along time ago, so we cannot defend ourself against our own Military’s and GOV . It was in the 2nd Amendment, so we could stop the shit going on right now, in Washington and on our Border. We no longer have a right to anything in our country all the foreigners do, whether invaders to the USA or anywhere else like Ukraine. Mexico and Ukraine get all our baby formula, our kids can starve.

They Got All the Weapons.

Quote by Milley, on The Republican Party Jan 6th or anytime our Gov or Military decide.

“They may try, but they’re not going to f**king succeed,” Milley reportedly said. “You can’t do this without the military. You can’t do this without the CIA and the FBI.

We’re the guys with the guns.”

They got them to steal from us and the Rest of the world. Thats all the US military does is assist our Government in stealing from other countries or killing the women and children. Like in the Middle east, we take all there resources, then they freeze and starve = Iraq, Afghanistan, Seria now Somalia again.

A lot of our real USA citizens now do not want to join the Military, our GOV says thats OK. They are filling our Military with illegal aliens from everywhere so when they need to kill us these people have a direct interest in eliminating USA White and Black citizen so they can take our shit.

Economic Prosperity for illegals is economic Disparity for the American People!

It’s extremely evident, We are now Mexico, have’nt noticed we do everything the Cartel or Mexico’s president wants, its killing the black culture and making Millions of them homeless, so scum from south of the Border can have our shit.

They have brainwashed you to the point that your children are attacking planned parenthood which provides knowledge and simple birth control.

They will outlaw birth control soon and push abortion, like now, Biden and the Federal Government will pay for your plane ticket and abortion, its that important to them for you to kill your own children.

You see any Gov officials talking about birth control = No way they want the money and longevity from your murdered baby’s.

Excerpt from Children’s Hospital Philly

Vaccines for varicella (chickenpox), rubella (the “R” in the MMR vaccine), hepatitis A, rabies (one version, called Imovax®) and COVID-19 (one U.S.-approved version, Johnson & Johnson (J&J)/Janssen) are all made by growing the viruses in fetal cells. All of these, except the COVID-19 vaccine, are made using fibroblast cells. The COVID-19 vaccine (J&J/Janssen) is made using fetal retinal cells.

Fibroblast cell history

Fibroblast cells are the cells needed to hold skin and other connective tissue together. The fetal fibroblast cells used to grow vaccine viruses were first obtained from elective termination of two pregnancies in the early 1960s.

Bull Shit from a LGBTQ WOKE scum. Pennsylvania is all Queers.

These same fetal cells obtained from the early 1960s have continued to grow in the laboratory and are used to make vaccines today. No further sources of fetal cells are needed to make these vaccines.

Help My Face is Falling

Replacement Fibroblast is the only thing holding Nancy Pelosi’s face on. Not doing a very good job of that. Look at that saggy ass bitch, saggy face and brain mush…

Even Ted Cruz is guilty of this, he is the best at manipulating our laws with lack of specificity and/or true intent, just multifarious legal babble, That the average Collage educated person cannot understand, let along anyone else including 90% of our law makers in congress. Your electing thieves and dumb people. Qualifications do not matter, popularity or race and / or gender matter.

He has his own interpretation of our law’s, as he took the naturalization B.S. in the 14th amendment to run for president even though it’s clear that the intent or our Founding Fathers that only a US born citizen can be president or even in our GOV anywhere. Ted does not care he got the legal education, “FREE AT THE HARVARD, ‘terrorist slut school”, to be able to manipulate our laws any way he want’s and now our GOV is 50% non USA born = no more can citizens vote on Constitutional Amendments More and More of our laws are being changed constantly at State and Federal levels to benefit the Ted Cruz invaders, and Ted like the rest of them beat us down constantly with new laws on top of other laws that not one can understand. We no longer get to vote on constitutional amendments like our ancestor used to, Congress took that away from us also.

Ted never says or does anything about illegal immigration, like none of the invaders will do. They would then be arguing with themselves. Why are they here? To take from us and the USA. Where is you financial report Ted? How do you really make money? I see stock market investments and oil and gas, so all the laws you author benefit you, not the American people = more insider trading and illegal / now legal activity and simply immorality.

Ted Cruz I dare you to author a bill stopping welfare and any incentive to illegal aliens like yourself, or and immigrants, including all money you all took from us illegally will be payed back. Thats trillions of dollars, and we are getting it back. None of you asked the american people if you could give our money’s and country away, you just did and do it, to anyone or any country around the world, so congress can get your kickbacks.

And if you cannot I will challenge you to a debate in front of the world on foundational truths and true intent of our laws. I will shred you! I have’nt opened a law book in 20 years. Do not need to, got that babbling nonsense down years ago.

Thou shalt not covet, but you and all the invaders are here for Economic Prosperity coveting others moneys and positions. God’s laws matter nothing to you just your laws.

I still love ya Ted and believe in you, but pull your head out of Harvard Stupidity, Pay Attention to what your are doing to MY country, I am not asking!

Who do you think is manipulating our GOV to make us buy electric cars = Not Detroit = Elon Musk you can blame him directly for our oil industry being destroyed. He pays off our GOV official’s and sit’s with Nancy Pelosi figuring out how to change the laws so he and other’s can get richer and take from us whatever they want or what they can steal from us with insider trading.

This same shit is world wide in every country the Rich stealing from the Poor.

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