Andrea Bocelli

I want to see Andrea Bocelli in OKC on June 23rd, 8pm Paycom Center

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Andrea Bocelli

In my latter part of my life I have sought utility and needing a little as possible to get by, usually just my needs, very few want’s.

Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro

No Professional sporting events, No Nascar races Ever! No MotoCross Races or Concerts in over 20 years.

I have tried real hard to limit my Earthy footprint and resource usage. Airplanes, Cars and every one seeking there wants, “not there just there needs”, are killing the planet.

I recognized this in the 1960’s and limited my playtime and resource usage, from about 1985 on. When I was younger I had a lot of Money and resources, so I raced MotoCross, and went to Thousands of Concerts some Pro tennis events all over the USA.

Did not own a car for 30 years, I rode a bike or walked and or public transportation. Not that I could not afford a car, did’nt want one, plus I found you miss a lot thats worth seeing if not flying by in a airplane or car.

Walked several times from San Ysidro “MX border”, to Willow Creek CA which is, “277 hr (837.0 mi) via CA-33 S”, and rode a bike once most of the way once. I had to take amtrack trough that shitty scum hole L.A. and some of the Lost Coast Roads are to narrow going through the Redwood forest riding a bicycle, so to the Hippy Busses.

I have hitched hiked 10’s of thousand’s of miles, including thousands of mile’s on Amtrack.

I have done more than my part to help save our Planet but right now I want a little excessiveness and I think I deserve it.

Right now I WANT, Waah!

I am a big fan of Song, some music that I still like is Jazz, Reggae and Opera.

I rarely listen to some of the Old 60’s - late 70’s Rock and Roll. Cannot help myself, I saw everyone back then except Pink Floyd, missed out on that chance because of Motocross!

I want to see Andrea Bocelli in OKC on June 23rd, 8pm Paycom Center.

I have almost 0 resources and no way to afford to get there, nor the clothes to look appropriate! Let alone the Ticket prices.

Sure would be nice if OKC could help me figure this out, or someone out there in Cyber Space.

We would stun the World if I had one or more of my Trinity there also.

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