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To my Angel Angelina Jordan. Details on what I say and why I say it. I trust you and have no worries.
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To My


I still believe in you. I just cannot figure out how you quit living in your heart. Just living in your mind seeking the things of this world to fill the void of your heart you threw away at the expense of the world. My whole excercise in chatting with you was for you to live in your heart. I tested you to much on that and you did not know why.

I saw real clear in Sara’s eyes she was to have no part of you and me and she would do anything to stop it. She did not care what you or I or anyone thought about it, she is bound and determined to let you be with someone that has lots in there pants either front or back. To stupid to figure out we could have had this world prostrated before us and all would be ours. No ownership needed!

Maybe you can still figure it out, I hope so. I think you can overcome your vanity sickness and be the Angel you were destined to be. I and the world are waiting.

P.S. I love you dearly!!! No matter what! Just not happy, not at all. With suspicious Minds, for what you have show the world; “how could I not”?


Everyone will know these words of the fallen!!!

I’m only having FUN!I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN! I’m only having FUN!


Got a long story to tell the world about the hell you created in my life and your own.

All for little girl spoiled brat vanity playtime.

I’ll wait till after LV on the 29th to say anything more.

Prepair for judgement day it comes soon.

Remember the day mark it and wonder!


Redacted with love. past addition was a mistake and not a word was true or of my intent. Sorry love 😘


Been all over LA since the 20th. Hollywood was hell, surprised I didn’t get robbed. West Hollywood was crazy and sick so back to hanging out at Ralph’s area. Liktto feed the ducks in the park with 3 little duck ponds. Away from the beach homeless. Tired of spontaneous utterances of babbling dribble. Even the most sane are gone without any visions of the future. How sad to be lost in the moment. The fools are going to do anything to keep us apart. Even jumped both feet into there traps to know what I am up against. Childish games and trickery. You fall for the games do you not my love?

Waiting to see what you are made of. You will be of age soon. Let’s see what you can do.

Love you and blessings ❤️🥰😘


Merry Christmas Love ya ❤️🥰😘


Good morning 🌞 Angel.

Might be a bit delayed on my venture to Hollywood as this rain is a pain. I have a half dozen people that surround me here and have had since I got here. I have fools rushing in and the security seems to be necessary. Nothing I did not expect some seem to be professionals, that’s a little unnerving. Sleep in a new town is really hard, don’t think I have really slept since last month, and I look like it.

Off to get coffee I love you ❤️🥰😘 have a blessed day.


Hello Love I have been doing lots of walking with a lot of weight and am surprised at how well I can function after sitting around doing computer programming for years. I walk to Rose avenue Venice Beach at least 3 yimes a fay with 80lbs of stuff. 7 to 9 miles round trip. Pretty bad ass for my age.

To told me in a song to get up and get motivated so I am doing it thr hardest way possible 💪.

Need to test my ability to change the World. It’s going to be a lot of work. I still got it.

You were stunning in Paris I am glad my queen had fun being the most elegant Girl in the world 🌎. I like it you showing off flower girl. Speaking of flower children, today I had a gathering in Venice of a half dozen of our 1960s music elite with several of the original environmental activests. How fun that I got to see some of them again like Happy Ivy. Used to hangout with happy all up and down CA coust.

The eyes, the looks of my children are of awe, the daemon’s cuss me as they back away in fear.

The private jet thing, well you already know what I think of that. But it’s much safer for my love so that’s cool.

My gathering abilities are better than ever. As the whole world will gather around my Angel of Love. You can show off for the whole world soon 😀.

Love you 😘

Blessing’s to my love and her family.


Been here for a week tomorrow and have connected with at least 3 people each day that are on our path of truth and 💕. Dozens everyday that know my name that I have never seen before. Many are gathering for I was hoping Our Time.

I have seen the look on your face and know your in a catch-22 that seems to be a impossible hurdle. Have faith my love for I gave away everything to be here for your children of earth. I seek nothing but your love. of which I am fully convinced I do not have the wealth to please you I am sad that I cannot seek the things of this world. It’s my job to show our children that truth and love is all I need and you of course 💋❣️.

More later love when I finish doing what I must with my children in need. Two more days here then off to Hollywood.

Don’t expect your help but I thought you would give me the due respect of a hello 👋.

I Love you ❤️😘. I asked you to only pay attention to what I write here and not YouTube. I have good reasons for what I do. I will explain when I am holding your hand and looking into your brown eyes. Then will you know mine and our truths. As you have sang to me and I have written to you.

Blessings 💞. Have a good day 😊


To tired from my travels to do anything today. Looks like you’re not in the right mindset to help anyone. So sad that humanity means nothing to you.


LAX bound soon after the first of the month. Bringing Bulldozer is the delay. Extra costs to ship Bulldozer.

Soon my love ❤️🥰😘


Our time has started as of midnight, it’s my Birthday today 66 and I should be in LA. Legalities are keeping me here till the first of the month. I really need to be there but no help from anyone. Everyone in OKC is influenced by the devil. Most all of them are working against me.

Nothing I did not anticipate. I thought I would have at least a few that would know and help. Just ZERO!

A birthday song would be nice. But just like last year you knew and do not care.

I Love you and I am coming ASAP. Our Time ❤️🥰😘


Our Time ❤️🥰😘




First and foremost. I align with people that Love God and Truth. No matter there religion or race or history. 70% of you that say you believe in God are liers and heretics. This is prevalent in all religions.

If you really believed in God then why do your preachers get rich of selling Gods FREELY GIVEN TRUTH’s.

You adorn your churches with Gold and the things of this earth and you make with your hands, discounting the people, God, love and truth.

Angelina I love you more than you can imagine but I cannot handle non-truths.

That has been my problem for the longest time. Torn between my Love for you and seeking truth.

Work on it my love. The world needs your truth of heart ❤️🥰😘

Truth is love.

Iranian Flag


Future 666

66 divided by 18 starting on 01/10/2024

Equals 3.66666666667

A Trinity of 666’s

Quit playing around and Prepare! I told you the time and date!


I Love You ❤️ My Angel 😇 Queen 👑


Let me explain a little of why I had to assert my powers and show my will.

First time in the history of this verse that has occurred. I did not like it and hope I do not have to go there again.

You to me are greater than diamond you sang about. You are the Love and Hope / that shines greater than any other.

My words and it’s effects were to preserve your Angelic status.

💎 Hope and Love ❤️
No Setting

When you have have something perfect as the above pic of the Hope diamond. It should shine on it’s own. Not needing other’s. Thats the problem I have with you singing with others. Along with not wanting my children of earth cursed by you physically interacting with them. As in singing with them!

Hope New or Original Setting

Lets take a look at the Hope and it’s various setting’s. And why It is cursed.

I like to see the Hope diamond by it’s self and not in it’s setting. Just like I like to see my Queen by herself with just her own radiance shining. No other diamond to distract from her beauty.

Mankind considers more is better. Surrounding perfection with less perfect whatever. In this case, with many other diamonds.

It loses it’s brilliance and cannot stand out on it’s own. KInd of like your doing.

Makes you the same as everyone else. And you are not the same!

Sure you will get famous and a lot of people will follow you. Not the whole world, singing for the whole world might be a issue now. We could work around that you being 17.

I know these things JUST Look like whatever, that whatever, “is not cool”! Like Paris and the pictures and videos leading up to it. You know what I am talking about.

Your my Angel and a Queen. But your portraying yourself as just another Beautiful talented little girl seeking attention.

Did you hear how your fans at Portsmouth state that they are, “Follower’s of an Angel”, the Angel crew, and as Angels themselves, because they are blessed by My Angel Love’s presence!

So thats who you are to me and your loyal fans.

Portraying yourself as someone else is not becoming of a Queen or Angel.

Nor being seen or viewed all the time. Queen’s and Angel are elusive and are rarity seen.

Then it’s super special when her followers get to see her. Think about that!

Being seen all the time is not a Hope diamond or a Queen or an Angel.


So sad I am not there!

Eat something Love!

Your going to need your energy for tomorrow night I love you and good luck tomorrow. Kill em my love I know you will!


I understood you and Sissy’s video of that’s who you are. I got it! I do not like it, “but I understand;’ “I Love you dearly”!

🔥 I have Nothing
My Love

Singing with Him would most likely be good for your career, just some other song but my song. Please ❤️


EDITED: I Love You ❤️


I warned you about singing with others after Paris. Your going to do it again. You have no idea of the consequences.

One way to eliminate the competition!


No need for these kind of songs = Walking Out, Good in Goodbye’s.

I love you and will forgive you for anything that has happened.

As long as it does not continue.

I have to write to you what I see and feel.

Otherwise me keeping this in and it makes it hurt worse. That’s what you do with your songs. Letting it out, which is good. Sing a love song please, no more good by songs

Like the last 3 songs on Old Enough is songs about sadness and throwing away love.

The first three enthused me. Especially Love don’t let me go, it’s Genius and the best song ever, I like the frequencies and tuning away from the devil’s notes. Why the difference? Don’t think I do not cherish you and think your my little Angel Genius.

That should be a subject of discussion, not something to escape from, or to run away from. Is there really Good in Goodby’s.

Most people talk these things out, and then they resolve there difference’s with conversation, understanding and love. Not running away! Neither one of us can stop this I am you and you are me, our hearts are one. Neither one of us can deny that. Call me, we can resolve what ever confusion that’s going on. Or you do not want to resolve this and continue for us both to feel pain. Why would you want that?

I notice the comments on Fan Verse that were up for a couple of days. I am sorry I did not notice them sooner. I got a notification on the comment; by my internet / cell phone, and computer’s are buggy and I could not fix it sooner. I have stopped them everywhere else. But still some there. Same comment as months ago???

Walking Out
My Love


I Love Angelina Jordan my Angel from Heaven. Check out Mansbooks the site I am working on for you. It’s soon to be finished! Launch date 01/10/2024


I have been chatting with someone that claims to be you with all the pics and videos timestamped within a few minutes of me asking for them. But it is not you, I have been getting spammed by this person since late December of last year. Sent her hundreds of dollars.

This is why I have not been writing to you here.

I wish we could chat again. We lost each other in early december on Telegram. Soon after whom I thought I was chatting with; Is You. How to they get your pics and videos timestamped that day, by the hundreds. What is going on with that.


Getting ready for work. I Love you. Have a good day my lovely Angelina!

Angelina you need to understand I pay attention to everything that happens in this world and this verse. I hear and feel the pain of my children everywhere, The cries and there pain through there hearts in prayer.

It’s a lot to deal with, bear with me as I will find more time to write to you.


I have not written much to my Love or to the world as I have had computer and phone problems, which killed my ability to do programming. Happen to me every year someone keeps taking out my hard drives on my computers and killing my phones. Third phone this year. It’s getting to be a real pain!

I am going to try to write something here everyday just to show you that I have no forgot about you just major issues.

Father God is beating me up because I should have been in LA doing my job last November, but I am still trying to get out of OKC, but it’s one disaster after another. Big sign’s Father God is pissed at me.

You are #1 in my heart, do not ever think you are not! The, “you and me”! It’s up to you. I will be hanging out in Santa Monica somewhere just in case.

All my life I knew LA is where I should start my work. Spent a lot of time studying LA and it’s in’s and out’s.

I will be there before November getting to work the day I arrive so it will be easy to find me if you want, I will never come to you, you have to find me❣️

Hello Bad Connection

Hello Hello

Anyone There ???

Phone Call

We have a bad connection Love, try again.

I meant a real call, “we must have a bad, ‘smoky, connection”, looks like a brothel with the red and you in black, good job at drilling me my love I guess I deserve it. I Love You.

No Setting

I Love the new song and it tells me you really do love me.

You need to call me before it’s to late. No chat no email. Call me! Tired of chatting, will not do it anymore. I know your a slave and they monitor your phone, so call me from another phon3. I know the words to our song and the church I am going to has 4K video and recording equipment. I will sing it back to you my love. They are also going to get me a ticket and a plane ride to your concert in Portsmouth, along with several members of the congregation. Your a hit in OKC Love everyone loves you and me to.

An Evening with Angelina Jordan

Love Don’t Let Me Go

Most Beautiful Poetic Song ever written by the most beautiful Girl that ever walked the Earth. Jeg elsker Angelina Jordan for alltid!

[Verse 1]

Mistakes and regrets ain’t all that I have left ‘Cause your touch and your scent’s still on my skin’, ??? & ??? !!! Maybe I’m a fool to erase the trace of you There’s no you, no me, at least that’s how I feel


I’m tryna pull you close, closer to me But it’s just like tryna catch smoke


Love, I really wish you had a face Maybe I could beg for you to stay I’m on the floor, I’m begging, oh-oh-oh Love, don’t let me go If only I could look you in the eye There wouldn’t be no place for you to hide I’m on the floor, I’m begging, oh-oh-oh Love, don’t let me go

[Verse 2]

If you had a heart, I could make it beat for me If you had a soul, I know where my home would be It’s not about feeling lonely, the man I just can’t forget And though you’re not here beside me, I still see your silhouette

I Love You Angelina Jordan your going to rule the Earth my Love ❤

Angelina you have done nothing wrong to have no need for any regrets nor have you lost your purity of heart, so do not fell like I am mad at you I am not, and never ever could be.

I have not written anything since last year.

I had to force myself to write this. You really have me fucked up.

I will Love Angelina Jordan Forever. 💕 ❤️

Old shit below before I found out.

Happy Easter

Hi Angelina, it’s been a while since I wrote to you. Easter is tomorrow and I will update this page with something special for you my love.

PS I Love You

First Script, Post Script, All Script, always for you my love 💕 ❤️

No Christmas Song