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To my love Angelina Jordan. Details on what I say and why I say it. I trust you and have no worries.

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To My Love

Queen Angelina Jordan

Angelina Jordan - Shopping
Angelina Jordan - Shopping

Happy Birthday

Christmas Song

Just Fishing

Let me explain one thing. Social Media / YouTube is a Fishing Expedition

Seeing what I can catch.

Some I throw back. Some I keep.

Sorry my love, but sometimes your the bait. The reason for that Is I need to see how your so called fans really view you.

A lot of times I find they do not appreciate you uniqueness and specialties that were given to you by your Creator.

It would be fine with most of them if you became Amy Winehouse, or another Whitney Houston, or someone else for the sake of their own pleasure.

I shall grapple with these views.

Look at what the industry and Hollywood life style’s did to both of them.

That is what happens to people when your days are pre-planned by schedules or 9 to 5 work. Having to always be doing something, as so your day is not yours. It’s some other days, “Day”.

It makes people unhappy in realizing that their life really is not theirs but is owned by a schedule or by someone else’s plans.

Read My Page The Day the I

Amy and Whitney Lost there lives before they died, and they knew it and felt it. Popularity can kill you, it consumes you.

I Never liked or followed Amy Winehouse. I guess everyone else thought she was hot and liked her tattoos. To Fake for my liking.

Whitney Houston I paid attention to everything she did, she was like you Angelic God given superior Beauty, Song and Talent.

Whitney was one of Jesus’s Angels, that I would have loved to have sang with. I still have tears for her.

Your where your at as so you will know these things. Look around you and learn. Do not let them consume you, Be Free My Love!

You do not have to do anything if you do not what to, be attainment about it, to a point.

I have faith in you that you know what your doing. I remember the garage video and knew exactly what you were saying.

You may not know my way of going but I Do Know I Do I Do.

Have no worries, My Love. Whatever I have to say to you or about you, that you need to pay attention to, I will say on my website.

The internet is messy, kind of like, “Flying Spaghetti”,🍝 it makes a mess everywhere.

You pay no attention to any of it. Just fishing.

Stay True to Your Heart

Your power on Earth has a lot to do with your heart. Stay pure of heart ❤️ my love.

No Hollywood

When Your Smiling

Angelina Jordan - When Your Smiling

When Your Smiling

Did not need Hollywood for the above. Good Job Angelina, Mery, Mike and Sara, you to Princess!

Was not doing When Your Smiling Video with the children much more fun than studio work?

Looked like it to me.

On Feelings

Angie my Love! You do remember your message on 10/16, 😻🥰 or 🥺.

You opened the door, if you do not like what is coming in and out of the door, then close it. There are other doors My Love.

Don’t feel bad about something you started, “I just asked a simple question”. That would mean regrets; We can’t have that, can we my Love?

We shall have no regrets, we just learn and grow to become one.

Be Happy My Love

Now I see why your mad at me. But you look good with the weights in you hands, exercising, “Pumping IRON”.

I noticed the black heart 🖤 like your not happy with it.

Keep up the exercise. More Italian food, Build your own studio, Manage you own business. Start your own Non-Profit for the children, as so you will know the children actually get the items or money’s you send to them.

Angelina and Egil jamming again, Nice.

I saw you circling your face, its OK I actually like the Look at Me thing.

I’m always Looking at you, if not just in my mind.

Everyone should see You, Looking at Your Angelic Beauty. As they will all hear your song and see your beauty, “Very Soon”!

Just quit getting so carried away with it. Your spending all your time with look at me, being in the limelight, the right place at the right time.

Be a singer song writer, be yourself! You to Princess Juliette Victoria, just be you.

How cool, I like all the changes.

P.S. I would like someone to add your version of Suspicious Minds to Spotify. Tell Michel to get domain name.

Do a whois search to get the broker information. Then let me build my love a beautiful Website / Merch store.