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To my Angel Angelina Jordan. Details on what I say and why I say it. I trust you and have no worries.

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To My Love

Hello Bad Connection

Hello Hello

Anyone There ???

Bad Connection
Bad Connection

We have a bad connection Love, try again.

I meant a real call, “we must have a bad, ‘smoky, connection”, looks like a brothel with the red and you in black, good job at drilling me my love I guess I deserve it. I Love You! ❤️

Watch Movie Uncle Buck and give me your reaction. I have reasons for you to do this. Something in there about us. See if you notice.

Angelina Jordan Love Don't Let Me Go
Angelina Jordan Love Don't Let Me Go

I Love the new song and it tells me you really do love me.

You need to call me before it’s to late. No chat no email. Call me! Tired of chatting, will not do it anymore. I know your a slave and they monitor your phone, so call me from another phone.

Love Don’t Let Me Go

Most Beautiful Poetic Song ever written by the most beautiful Girl that ever walked the Earth. Jeg elsker Angelina Jordan for alltid!

Good Job Mery Bad Ass! Super production. Thanks also to That, “Redone”, “Good Job, got my love motivated to being bad ass, away from vanity party girl” I forgive you; “I think”?

[Verse 1]

Mistakes and regrets ain’t all that I have left ‘Cause your touch and your scent’s still on my skin’, ??? & ??? !!! Maybe I’m a fool to erase the trace of you There’s no you, no me, at least that’s how I feel


I’m tryna pull you close, closer to me But it’s just like tryna catch smoke


Love, I really wish you had a face Maybe I could beg for you to stay I’m on the floor, I’m begging, oh-oh-oh Love, don’t let me go If only I could look you in the eye There wouldn’t be no place for you to hide I’m on the floor, I’m begging, oh-oh-oh Love, don’t let me go

[Verse 2]

If you had a heart, I could make it beat for me If you had a soul, I know where my home would be It’s not about feeling lonely, the man I just can’t forget And though you’re not here beside me, I still see your silhouette

I Love You Angelina Jordan your going to rule the Earth my Love ❤

Angelina you have done nothing wrong to have no need for any regrets nor have you lost your purity of heart, so do not fell like I am mad at you I am not, and never ever could be.

I am a little pissed at your family, Except for you Sissy, Juliette Victoria is the the one with the brain cells of the family, I see it in her eyes. Juliette hides her true self, but I see she would be the perfect manager for when me and my love, start our work on earth, to show Angie’s love to the world. Juliette like your mom and your sister, your one of the most beautiful beings on this planet.

I saw you once when you were crying! I remember it well and viewed it many time’s. Mery was having surgery, and as I was watching the video of you passionately crying and that stunning profile, with the tears running down your face, I saw the most passionate and beautiful profile of anyone ever, I mean ever. “Wow”!

In a interview when Angelina was young I heard one of the most beautiful voice’s I have ever experienced. The movement of your mouth Sara Astar mesmerized me, I love to here you speak and to watch you mouth move, It was in Norwegian it was really cool. I could not understand anything, but it was beautiful just hearing you speak and watching your mouth move. AweSome!

My trinity of Angel’s are you three. Me and Mery’s Angels! I mentioned this to you all 7 or 8 months ago in a TikTok video where all of you in the SUV, someone/thing was then and now in my head about it. Even though I am kind of pissed at Sara for taking my Love, to see evil, lies and stupid shit.

When you fist announced, “Love Don’t Let me Go”, on the 3rd, Angelina you said I wrote this song for you. I wish you would have said I wrote this song for Don. And I was still not sure it was to me. I put what I felt at the time here and did not really think you paid attention to what I write.

But the next day you had read what I wrote and said on the 5th; Should I really release this song”, because I pissed you off with what I said. My stats said only 22 people viewed what I said in the 5 days it was up. 18 of them were from Russia and China, so only a few saw what I said but you all. I Sorry my Love’s Angelina and Sara!

Angelina let me explain something to you. I recognized when you were 8 years old how much your energy force affects others. I knew then you were my Love, my special Angel that father God gave to me to be one with. The one I have cherished through out creation and the times of this verse.

I found that our hearts were connected and when you were happy I knew it and when you are sad, I was sad.

I had felt your heart break when your grandfather died and it broke my heart also. At that point I started paying attention to every detail of what you would show us. What was in the background of where you were at what you wore your shoes everything.

Because our hearts are one, when Angelina see’s immorality hate or evil it affects me. Not just my heart and mind but physically, makes me sick and is destroying me with what you have her participate in.

Sara you are not evil you look out for my Love Angel. I did not like the after party of the Emmy awards. Not going to the Emmy Awards because she is in that industry, that’s what Angelina does. Going to the after party, including what was said by Angie, “I guess”, the next day with the pics of the after party, that stated that you condoned what was on stage that night, that was your choice Sara, and that’s on you, “not Angelina”. To you that was just entertainment, to me it was straight up evil, stupid shit and a bunch of human lies. Please quit showing my Angel non truthful and bad things. It affects the whole universe.

She projects what she sees and what is in her heart around this world and it hurts all of us that do not want that kind of lies and evil in our hearts. She can project Love or hate, Good or Evil so she needs to stay away from hate, violence and worshiping the Devil, mankind’s version of the devil is a total lie and made up stupid shit, for you rich, and your human kiddy playtime.

Angelina I do love you more than you can imagine! No matter how much vengeance which is hate and torture you put me through. Maybe it’s a test and your just playing me. I do not know, first time in my life, I am just lost.

I have not written anything since last year.

I had to force myself to write this. You really have me fucked up.

I will Love Angelina Jordan Forever. 💕 ❤️

Old shit below before I found out.

Happy Easter

Hi Angelina, it’s been a while since I wrote to you. Easter is tomorrow and I will update this page with something special for you my love.

PS I Love You
PS I Love You

First Script, Post Script, All Script, always for you my love 💕 ❤️

No Christmas Song

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