Baby Formula

Congressional Codifications have given the world a right to our Baby Formula and food where there is no codifications for USA citizens to have a right to USA goods and services.

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The people of the USA and our GOV and mostly our Churches sent most of our available baby formula to Poland.

Google the above and see how many Church’s and non-profits sent what we need here overseas! Not even our Churches care about there own peoples baby’s, other country’s baby’s are more important!

🔗 WIC and Foreigners

The Biden administration on Friday urged Abbott Laboratories to do more to ensure low-income families on federal assistance have access to baby formula, amid a nationwide shortage.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the company should extend flexibility through the end of August for states and territories to obtain rebates to purchase alternative formulas to ensure supply for people on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Nearly half the infants in the program are covered by an Abbott contract.

Congress has been doing this for a lot of years giving others in the World more rights to American products, War toys our Military including food and baby formula than we do.

Border Formula

Congress both Republican and Democrat and Biden, have Codification/Laws Giving more Rights to Illegal Immigrants Refugees in Poland and Europe including the Ukrainian people over American Citizens Rights.

This is Nothing New, been going on since 2014.

“They have given a legal right to non citizens of the USA to our food and Baby Formula, “But we don’t have any Right’s Codifications or Laws to our ‘Own anything!”

GOP rep. rips Biden admin after exposing formula stockpiles at border

We have no Codifications to where we have a right to almost anything.

No Equal Rights at all in taxation or access to almost anything.


1% of the people in the USA have 99% of the money, so logic would dictate that the 99% should pay 1% of the taxes.

The 1% should pay 99% of the taxes, but here is the rich steal from the poor again and again and again!

What can the poor do about it, “Nothing”, General Milley threats made sure we all know that the 1% have all the Weapons.

Us poor cannot afford Football Games, or any professional sporting event’s, travel and many other events and things we should have equal access to. Not even equal access to GOV money’s on Welfare or access to BABY Formula, unless your a useless invader, lier, piece of trash in the USA, they have special privileges.

Equal Rights Access

Ted Cruz you know this!

I do not see any Congressional bills or Class Actions or any Filing’s in any Courts, from any of you for giving the poor of America equal access and equal rights to what the invaders are getting.

I would like a Airplane ride or a motel room for Months on end with free rides to where ever, phones and whatever else they are getting that we the citizens of the USA / UPA, “Are Not Getting”!

Laws in place to make sure illegal aliens in Mexico waiting to come here have more a right to baby formula than our children also in several Ukrainian bills it says the same thing.

There are no if statements; that if we do not have enought for Americans then we cannot help them.

Congress did not care to cover our ass, just other peoples from around the world.

It’s not our job to police the world and feed them, its killing the USA. The rest of the World does not care especially Europe and NATO they have more money than us and more people but we spend trillions on there defense.

Do you think anyone or any country or and GOV in europe is going to send us baby formula or there Governments are going to make laws to send us any help = hell no!

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