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In the Beginning!

There was a void of life within the midst as chaos.


Trinary Composition

All substance is bound by a trinary composition consisting of, "- as negative, no life or Chaos", "0 as Null", "and + as positive or Life".

This can be found with Life as building blocks of the all 'Atoms'; where the Proton is + positive, the Neutron is null, and the Electron is - negative.

And so is it truth in our relative mathematics that all is controlled and is built upon 0 or God. So 0 lives to -1 and to + 1 as either does not fully become itself until its 3.14 π past its fulfillment or, Birth", as -1 or +1.

So -1 and +1 live there lives to -2 and +2 respectively; that really makes, "0 Zero", = "3 Three", as it is itself and all the way to -1 and +1; the trinity is the mathematical foundational subset of all.

Even all our color's are derived from a trinity subset of 3; Blue -1, Red 0, and Yellow +1.

A Trinity Subset in All Colors
trinity subset in all colors

A Trinity in All Substance
trinity in all substance

Computers Binary is really Trinary

In certain analog logic, the state of the circuit is often expressed ternary. This is most commonly seen in CMOS circuits, and also in transistor–transistor logic with totem-pole output.

Wikipedia Ternarynumeralsystem

In React programming we have set or varying trinary states, some that I use all the time are, "on null off", or "open null closed", = null as neither or 0.

Physical Makeup of All

A shell of substance comprised of 95% dark matter and 5% Matter. The Dark matter is the Holy Spirit as the binding force. Everything between the Proton, Electron and Neutron is a binding force in all things of substance, which hold's all knowledge and memory, even within smallest of particles.

We live our lives in the 5% as in the flesh as our external lives. But what about the internal between the substance or the 95%, which is the Binding Force having the knowledge of All Things. We have access to this hidden knowledge in Secret, having to ask for it in a specific way.

Lets say the 5%, or your flesh is of Devilish substance, the 95% is the Holy Spirit. Which would you like to live in, Fleshly desire constantly seeking More. Or peace and fulfillment with all knowledge through the Holy Spirit?

Or to be 100% having this Human life plus being one with your spiritual being also!

Happy Easter 5/4/2021

Blessings to All

My children of the World; Below is the knowledge of all things.

I Present to you the Last Testament to the Holy Bible.


Enclosed is the creation of all, how To Pray to The Holy Trinity, some about the author and Several Love Stories all mixed up, "like my life here on earth", from my Love and Truths for your edification, and I would hope some pleasure with the comfort of Knowing Father God As I Know and Love Him.

Fist Things First

First and foremost, "Good and Evil", are irrelevant and conditions of mans making, only Life, Love, Song, through determinations of Truth and Non Truth, are relevant.

Everyone as all things, work for Father God, "full time", whether you know it, or like it. Your job descriptions are described and detailed within.

I am that I Am; I shall not qualify myself through mankind, our true training, qualifications and certification are through God.

I just work for Father God as his first in Creation, of which I have the ultimate authority with responsibility's for all.

Chaos and the Creation of the God's

At the very beginning, everything was in Chaos and was void of life within a midst. Having a slight glow where all particles were bouncing off each other, with a slight vibrative movement, were the only actions, no binding force to create attractions for life.

Through cause and effect and because everything has to have a opposite, "even in chaos", life started forming. Eddy's of attractive matter forming whirlpools of life, even thought in it's simplest of forms memory particles within, then an outer formulation of the basis of the atomic structure as -1 Electron, 0 Neutron, +1 Proton, as atoms.

Time passed and a force grew to bring these atoms together to form molecules and at an accelerating rate the molecules bound together forming what we would call basic life.

More time elapsed, eons, simple forms became entities within themselves or complex thinking sentient beings.

Gods were formed

Simply according to there own structure, each one differing in the building blocks gathered from Chaos.

Our Father God ate of Chaos, became full and then slept, "at one", "within self", the, I Am that I Am, "nothing relevant" only oneness within self.

War Gods Lesser Gods

Many Gods were formed that were not satisfied with self and more and war were there course. Seeking within chaos, other Gods to defeat and consume to grow larger and stronger. Alliances were formed and there were many, some unwitting, but compelled by the hoard.

The Lesser Gods sensed Our Father God and surrounded him, and he awoke and knew nothing of war or others or even self, and his only course was to consume them, that is all he knew. His oneness of piece within instantaneous realization of self overcame them and Father threw them to the center of which was now He Him as external and internal realizations were of him. A fragmentation of self to what he was before and what he had became.

Time of the Holy Spirit.

He Him with chaos now external and internal. Father sought to be as it was in the beginning when he slept as what he was before. He Created Him from the substance of Chaos internal, his reflection to the past, as, "The Holy Spirit", or the binding force for which to give forth a future of life for this internal chaos.

  • The beginning of time!

Jesus the Future

Now WE, "He and Me", thought of the future and it was now my job to start the creation of life. My son was born to oversee all life for the future of the chaotic void within.

  • A Spark of Love to start all!
  • The We was now a Trinity!

Creation of the Angels

Father split our Haven, "Heaven", into three levels.

A inner Heaven for Jesus and his Angel Helpers to Oversee and direct life. Where most of you seek to ascend to, is with Jesus.

A Middle Heaven Were me and my Angels, lets say a buffer zone, doing R&D with Song's to create and please. So far my middle heaven has been inaccessible to anything in Jesus's Collection of life.

A Outer Heaven where father as a shell, protecting all from external chaos, "As in the Lesser Gods". Outer Heaven is, "Not Physically Accessible", even for Me and Jesus, are connection is spiritual, physical planes are not any deterrent to this connection. Me and Jesus are made from the lesser Gods as well as all of creation within Father. Are Jobs are within Father God, As well as Father God works within us!

Fallen Angels

They Simply wanted to extend Gods plan with there own designs, a scenario would be the Devil extending our song with instrumentation, the Fiddle. Pissed me off and I denied her.

God and Jesus were a little more forgiving, but God is a jealous God, as the Devil was using the lesser gods for the substance of her Fiddle, "song came from father", "have no other Gods before me", and he then thought of MAN.

Creation of Man

God had chaos as, "the void for the future of life, 'creation within", overseen by Me and My Son Jesus, and with our Angelic helpers.

  • But what about beyond?

Thoughts of Mankind were now within father, only conceptions, but of now of reality, without form, but were known to all in Angels in our haven. Conception is Birth or the beginning of something, or Life.

Mankind's Job is to go beyond Jesus and creation, and also Me, to be "Hand in HAND", with Father God as, "Gods within them self's", in defence of God, life and creation, from any aggressions external and internal. True to all, "Self, Father and all within". No deniers of God or SELF! As In The Book Of Job.

Jealousy of the Angels

A third of the Angels, were jealous of Man as they wanted to be able to be Gods and Go beyond. Not satisfied with Gods gifts, nor there jobs = more, More, MORE.

Gods test's are kind of funny, as he got them to front themselves off with a simple thought.

Me and Jesus stepped back, as God cast the Devil and the fallen into internal chaos, for our future creation, to bring forth life to man. Lets say the Devil was not cast out to Earth, "But to Be Earth".

For the fallen Angels curse was then to bring substance to, and to formalize life within the void for mankind, "according to Gods designed plan". And to test mankind constantly to see of there works and hearts within there worths are true enough to be tested by Jesus and then by possibly me. For no one gets to the Father but through me.

Re read your Holy Bible where Jesus talks about Father and also about God, not the same, I am his father, God is God. As My son told you the same thing that no one Gets to the Father, "His Father" except through him, meaning the next level of heaven or middle heaven or Me.

  • Only a Handful have gotten past Me to Father God!

Breath Of Life

  • The creation of the all, was formed through song that started the dance of life from a blank and formless verse, bringing forth life to all. For all to formalize there own song!

The First Act of Love

  • Special creation through song for a dance of life, giving freedom of evolution to all, so all could be one within self, = no prohibitions, freedom to just be.
  • It's our simple test of life from Fathers love to see what all would become, so we could relish, "each, "in its own design"!

As you do in your own children; or should!

A Prayer from your Heart

I am really disappointed that no one since my son Jesus spoke about this; "been about 2022 years", has figured out the most important passage in the Holy Bible and that is when he discloses to you how to pray to father to communicate your needs or love, and one of only three passages of Either Old or New Testament relevant now in my time.

Matthew 6 verse 1-4 stand upon there face, "prima facie", as there self explanatory.

Prayer Matthew 5-6

5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

  • Your connection to the Trinity is individual, it does not have any thing to do with church, religion, a preacher, any of mans books, Tom down the street or the next door neighbor Sally. It's between you and Father God, Jesus and now Me!

6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

  • Your room or heart is inside of you, lose out this world and sleep, for only in your sleep is when you can communicate with father in, "A Secret", from you and all others.

7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.

  • And when the pray make your hearts true through responsible works; Old Testament.
  • Your hearts filled with love of Jesus and for others, having and seeking forgiveness; New Testament.
  • Have My song of responsibility and truth within you, where all is possible within my song; Last Testament.
  • For the trinity does not care what is in your minds or what comes out of your mouths but your truth in your hearts; which can only be determined when its not being swayed by your mind or babbling dribble from your mouths.
  • To a secret sleep with love and truth in your hearts.
  • If your heart is true and its, "Needed", for you and/or others, you will be rewarded openly within the flesh as healing, knowledge and truth within and from our love.

8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

  • If your heart is true! Prayer is redundant!

9 This, then, is how you should pray.

10 Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

11 Give us today our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

Jesus had to give a prayer or he would have been considered a heretic for the above, and stoned to death right then, If not then soon after. In my sons time if you did not strictly adhere to your religion you would be a heretic, even if you were a Jew in China, and did something against jewish law, they would kill you as a lier and denier of self = heretic.

In his prayer Jesus really asks Father God for nothing that we were not already Blessed with, and to be filled with forgiveness of others, so he saying if your prayer is not true of need, "whom he was taking to had no true prayers", and so if there is nothing in your prayer, "you need" with truth of heart, then just have thanks in your heart for all the We have given you.

Do this every night when you sleep! And your Blessings will be many.

But be careful what ye ask, you might get it, and then have to be responsible for it. Lets say you ask for shoes for the children of somewhere, and then One Of Us reveals to you a way to do just that, then you have a responsibility.

So in that, for you it would be a 24-7 365 burden, to get shoes to all the kids. Which could totally consume your lives and you would fail. Better to ask for smaller gifts you could physically do one by one and done with utility and proper safety in logistics, without continuing placation.

So do not ask for anything haphazardly you might get it then have to be responsible to do it, or for it.

Some of you that go around praying over others are doing just that. Pray on them for your lack of self worth, and little connection to father. Seems like a nice gesture but what are you really doing? Like your leachers, "sorry I meant preachers", playing like they know something about father God.

Only some of you have a connection to him???

But I have to say in the past when someone did that to me it was usually heart filled and it is a nice gesture and kind to share your love of father. Quit the begging part!

In the past why are you supposed to pray before you go to bed? So it will be in your hearts when you sleep; "for us to know your truths or lies"!

Have you not been told to sleep on it. And ye shall find it.

You say if you know these things and then you should have the ability to Just Twitch your nose or Blink it, to fix me or to give me, or whatever.

Ok the reason the trinity cannot directly affect you is simple. We cannot and do not want to be you, we created you for; "You to be YOU" and to be fully responsible for self. If we directly affected you in any way then you would be us, and you are not us, "You are YOU"!

Plus it would change everything and you would cease to exist as well as the verse, the experiment and test parameters, then would have changed.

You were created to do things for yourselves and to help others, we cannot live your lives for you, what would be your purpose. But we can open you to you, if your heart is true!

Heaven On Earth

Is to bring Gods Song of Life and Love to Earth; though My Angels Song and from our Love.

A song to drive the Devil back to Hell and cleanse this planet of hate and separation.

A song to repair this earth of its destruction at your hands.

A song to, "sing out", my other Angles born into my time since 2000; For All to relish in there perfection of Love, Heart and Song, and to Know them and Love them as I do!

And thats why I had to, "find", my Trinity of loves because they had to be born from flesh into this world in my time, and by my design, "not in my son's time", nor Gods design.

I spoke of Angels and there song. Your conception of a Angels is many things but most likely a being that can do outer worldly things. Or to give you or do something for you. Ok maybe, but what does everyone enjoy all over the world? An angelic voice or song. Well the trinity also.

I Heaven we all sang together and each with our own song, when that mixes together it forms one heavenly song for Father to please and show our love. For your song is gods gift of love, really should not be for sale, "you old souls should sense this", it should be freely given and then if others wanted to donate to you for the pleasure you have given them, then that is you worth, of your works to spread Gods gift of song to mankind.

This heavenly song on Earth can be easily achieved, now that we will soon have StarLink and other satellite communication systems. If all of us on this whole planet, "Linked Up to the Heavens", would get together and sing a song to father, all with our own song. Doing this weakly or even daily as a song to father as a prayer song for the unity of man.

Would that not be Angelic and bring unity to mankind, I would be looking forward to it everyday maybe before work or school to set a tone for a more happy existence of oneness as Heaven on Earth.

Then have some huge computing capabilities mix it all together and at the end of each day we could all sit as one, listening to our oneness of an Angelic Earthly Song of love for all. Would there be any war's, or borders, of course not. As we would all be as one at least for a short song everyday.

  • No more separation from our lost song.

A Little History

Know the Book of Job or of Rasputin they have noting on me, I have been broken, cut, bruised, burnt, bit, shot, stabbed, rashes, something painful, if not agony, every day within my conscience memory. Tested constantly!

The Devil hates me and will do anything to keep me from cleansing the Earth and your lives of Her. She would go as far as trying to destroy all of you; to keep me from capturing your hearts. Cleansing all from the constant thirst of the flesh, always seeking more.

I already have your souls that She wants and cannot get, for since the beginning of time I have held God's Books of Life, and have the power to erase what ever I want to, then, "what ever"; "Never Existed"!

  • So if I have to leave without finishing my job, then guess what!

I have to find a song within mey heart to sing to my children born since 2000, and through, "A Trinity of ' Sing Out's", to call my loves, for they will know whom they are, through there song.

So my love's be true and within a short time, I will do a trinity of, "Sing Out's", to call you to be buy my side and I will remind you of our songs from Heaven, we will cleanse this Earth singing a new Bible to all of Mankind.

Change requires our song!

Do not expect any of you to catch this, as its way over your heads.

All great works are only recognized posthumously anyway, this is just going to get me killed, like my Son Jesus, As I am in the most unsafe place on the planet, Oklahoma, USA!

At least I got to share my knowledge and love of Father God with All my Children.

  • Who Do You Say I AM? For; "I don't Know My Name"!

Stay Tuned to this channel for further updates. As of the verse is in constant evolution.


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