Creation of All

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In the Beginning!

There was a void of life within the midst as chaos.


All substance is bound by a trinary composition consisting of, "- as negative, no life or Chaos", "0 as Null", "and + as positive or Life".

This can be found with Life as building blocks of the all 'Atoms'; where the Proton is + positive, the Neutron is null, and the Electron is - negative.

And so is it truth in our relative mathematics that all is controlled and is built upon 0 or God. So 0 lives to -1 and to + 1 as either does not fully become itself until its 3.14 π past its fulfillment or, Birth", as -1 or +1.

So -1 and +1 live there lives to -2 and +2 respectively; that really makes, "0 Zero", = "3 Three", as it is itself and all the way to -1 and +1; the trinity is the mathematical foundational subset of all.

Even all our color's are derived from a trinity subset of 3; Blue -1, Red 0, and Yellow +1.

A Trinity Subset in All Colors
trinity subset in all colors

A Trinity in All Substance
trinity in all substance

Computers Binary is really Trinary

In certain analog logic, the state of the circuit is often expressed ternary. This is most commonly seen in CMOS circuits, and also in transistor–transistor logic with totem-pole output.

Wikipedia Ternarynumeralsystem

In React programming we have varying trinary states, some I use all the time are, "on null off", or "open null closed", = null as neither or 0.


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