Earths Magnetic Flux

Donald Boulton

Written by Donald Boulton who lives and works in OKC OK. 

 September 02, 2019   1 min read

Common Sense on Planetary Issues

As a child of the 1960s I could not get enough information on Planetary issues. I had subscriptions to all info on science and anything mechanical, and I found the magnetic flux of our planet to be quite intriguing.

Earths Magnetic Flux

Over the years paying attention the the magnetic flux changes it became clear to me that these changes were do to mankind using up the riches of Mother Earth as in oil, iron gold and other minerals that were high in there magnetic attractions and introducing dielectric properties, thus decreasing the magnetic attraction to those areas in Mother earth.

Thus changing the magnetic flux density points around the earth. Basically the Mother used these Magnetic flux points to balance her self and control its spinning rates.

We pump out the oil, store it above ground in areas away from where it came from and then send it up into our atmosphere.

Distribute the minerals all over the place and the mother cannot balance itself, and we all die, most likely it will be from Yellowstone Caldera exploding and killing all living things on land and in the oceans. All from our formalized and complete stupidity and greed.

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