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Everything is a Test as Experiments!

Tests of Substance

When Father God Consumed the lesser Gods he could have just left them as a cancer inside of himself. He saw this as a opportunity to find himself and to know of the Lesser God's.

What were the possibilities? Which of lesser Gods are of any truth?

In the beginning Gods own creation was beyond him, and He needed to know who he is and was, and how he was created, basically, the, "WHY of Anything and Everything"!

I gave you a lot of information in Creation of All that had been acquired after the creation of the verse. The full parameters, the full makeup and capabilities of Chaos, or the Lesser War Gods, which is now inside of our Father as creation or We. Is not fully known.

So everything is in test mode. As Loving Experiments! So each becomes what it needs to be!

The design of Mankind on Earth was done according to Gods plan but fulfilled by the Devil and by Her designs, and substance. Done according to some basic limitations and parameters that Father God sent in place for all forms of Man.

The Devil is not the only fallen with forms of Man according to Gods plan.

Petri Planet

Lets say you are a biologist and you wanted to set up a simple experiment, your idea placed something in a petri dish, putting in its medium; waiting to see what happens. Or maybe a lot of experiments with slight change's to see what the variables could be in your conceptional idea.

If you take the lid off of the petri dish or change its medium, you have denied the original experiment, unless it was part of the plan.

Most of the Fallen Angels stuck with one form that were basically all the same, looked, acted and even somewhat thought the same!

The Devil always wanting to extend Gods plan; "the fiddle thing again", fiddling around with stuff. She has that ability with Her forms of Mankind.

She thought of something the other Fallen had not.

And that was why we have a bunch of differing forms of Mankind all on Earth, differing in looks, size, color and thought processes, and differing in knowledge given to them in there, sleep or Dream Prayers.

Some with the conceptions of God and Some not.

Some with Polytheism as the belief in, "Many Gods". Some with Monotheism or the belief of, "Only One God"! Seeing how they would grow and develop, with differing variables.

  • The final fronteer is not Outer Space or the bottom of the Oceans but; "What is inside of Us"?

So how do we study Us, as in the Trinity? It's the study of mankind, then we are studying the Trinity!

Knowing what is inside of the We, will tell us what is beyond!

Mankind's cultures and races were seperated, as so there would each be in a different petri dish, within one medium, as the races of Mankind on Earth.

Here on Earth, "We Had", a bunch of differing cultures and races, with differing thought processes, looks, size and geographical locations, "Multiple Experiments and Variables".

Good idea Devil! Even the Fallen are My Angels!

Some of mankind thought that they were the only one's that were correct in there, connection to the Trinity, there believes, ways, culture and thought. And forced the issue!

Who Are You!

I have talked about self context, knowing yourself, some about the knowledge of this world and being true to self. This is very important!

Lets say you can get past Jesus and his tests, and then by Me.

You stand Before Father God. Awaiting acceptance to be a God Within Yourself hand in hand with Father.

  • The First question or test would he ask you is "Who Are You"!
  • Yes who are you?

The simplest but most complicated of all questions. Better be sure of your answer.

Giza Trinary

Your assents to the Trinity or Heaven are depicted in the Giza Complex outside of Cairo Egypt.

My Balancing War Angels, "Amon and Ra", gave Enoch the knowledge of We the Trinity.

Enoch's visions were not detoured by the so called Rulers of the era's, he used them to build his, "Visions Temple Complex", of the Trinity. There true design and purpose are hidden in Khufu!

Looking to the new day, Pyramid Complex representations at Giza, of the Trinity and our Trinity's.

  • Khufu at the left hand of God or the Holy Spirit with My Trinity of Angels, My Trinity of Queens up front as they shall Act for me on Earth. My Fenerary is inaccessible! My Gates for access have been taken down! To the New and Old Day lie the unsure!
  • Khafre the center as Father God with a ascending protected two way, pathway, guarded by two. Spiritual Sentinel Sphinx Guard the Gates at the Valley Temple. Jesus the Cup, the well, for to be Judged, for no one Gets to the Father but through Me, the middle Fenerary, standing before Father God!
  • Menkaure the Right hand of Father God, My son Jesus with long but an easy pathway to his Fenerary, after judgement at his Valley Temple Gates. With his Trinity of Angles by his right side, as not to stand between, as his three Mary, "Queens", for they, "Work with and beside my Son".

Enoch was the first to be, hand in HAND", with Father God; Uberman in truth, heart and works!

Enoch also layed the foundational knowledge for what you call the Holy Bible, which is mostly plagiarism off of Enoch, written in the authors own words as to make it look like it came from them. Most of it was passed down in stories for centuries before it was written. I guess its, open season as fare game at that point to call it there own knowledge.

Prelude to, "O Israel, Shema Yisrael" future post after Jew Who.

Prophecy of Ezekiel

The Third Temple is to be built at the Corners of the New Holy Land. Meeting place for the elect from the four winds. The Third Temple is to be built by My Children of Israel and the UPA. "Believers in Jesus Christ". For to bring My Children Home!

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