Hollywood Control

Since WWII Hollywood has been the Long Arm of Mind Control over the people of the USA and the World.

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Hollywood Brainwashing

Most of the world is brainwashed through entertainment, it enters you and taints you then you need your Own Government Mint to afford it.

The Hollywood evil have been linked to Government control and brainwashing since the 40’s.

New Age Movement

“The New Age Movement and the Demonic”

A Lecture by | Constance Cumbey

Snake in the Yard

Disney Star China Anne McClain Speaks on the Evil in Hollywood.

Anne McClain | Evil in Hollywood

Always on my mind: Hollywood’s brainwashing obsession

🔗 BBC, 15 February 2018.

To sit in a dark room and have your thoughts and feelings manipulated by moving images… the definition of cinema?

Or a definition of brainwashing?

It’s no wonder that Hollywood has returned time and again to this plot device. Filmmaker PHIL TINLINE, whose new documentary explores the subject in detail, picks nine intriguing examples.

Good Goat Hollywood Sexy Goat
Good Goat Hollywood Sexy Goat

Remember when there were shows on TV that were about light hearted things, same with Movies.

Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Stanford and Son, and many more. The only sexism was Elly May Clampett, in a Full Bathing suit = no bikini.

Out of LA Back to Tennessee
Out of LA Back to Tennessee

Now half naked stupid girls and women abound.

There was no sexism and violence on TV or at least it was subtle, and not noticed by our children.

Jesse Walters on Hollywood

Tucker Carlson

🔗 The Wrap

Brian Flood | December 23, 2016 @ 10:33 AM

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson thinks Hollywood liberals are “lacking all self awareness” and it’s going to eventually ruin the movie industry.

“They can’t accept the election results for the same reason their business model is crumbling, and Hollywood won’t exist in its present form in 20 years,” Carlson told TheWrap. “Hollywood is going out of business because they don’t understand the country they are selling a product to. They’re completely out of touch because they’re rich and entitled.”

Carlson said “most people in affluent urban areas are completely, not only distant physically and culturally from the rest of the country,” but they also “lack empathy” for the rest of the country.

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Short Hair, Don’t Care: Why Tucker Carlson Is Fox News’ Latest Star (Exclusive)

“They hate the rest of the country — that’s the truth,” Carlson said. “There are a lot of things I don’t understand, but I don’t hate … For some reason, urban-affluent liberals both don’t understand and simultaneously despise the rest of the country,” Carlson said. “You can’t really effectively sell products to people you despise.

Because if you hate someone, you don’t understand them.”

La Jolla Prep day school and Ive League stupidity has trained Tucker to say A Lot of stupid shit, that he doesn’t understand, “don’t understand them, = ‘not correct, you understand them all to well”.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host continued: “They think that anyone who voted for Trump is as bad as they believe Trump is. So, they think Trump’s immoral, he’s a bigot, he’s a bad human being and they assume that anybody who voted for Trump is the same.

Trump is full of nepotism and thievery just like Biden = No Different, Tucker = No Different, none of the three had done anything in life except run their mouths, None of the three could change the sparkplug on there lawn mower, and if so there gap would be off. Like always.

That’s over 60 million people. If you felt there were 60 million people in your country who are evil, you’d be very upset.”

The conservative Carlson said Hollywood is in the “mass market retail business” and compared it to someone selling dog food without the slightest idea of what dogs like to eat.

Hollywood and War

🔗 Propaganda Machine

Hollywood and our GOV have brainwashed you all into thinking all the wars we have been in since WWII were necessary and NONE of them were.

Only Necessary for the rich that have investments in the defense or oil industry, like Everyone in congress and Washington. Pull you head out of your entertainment USA and the WORLD, and pay attention! It’s all a brainwashing scam.

Now it’s a full on assault 0f all truth, morals and virtue. Totally immoral in every show most all Music, and all, I mean all TV shows, Even sports is violence and sexism.

The news is the worst about it.

Music Industry Insanity

Lets take Taylor Swift tickets at $450.00 cheapest at the Dallas concert, how sick and crazy these evil ones have become. You could not pay me to see that useless animal.

Who has been with half the actors and musician’s in Hollywood, and brags about it.

And your children adore that piece of trash like Ariana Grande, she had to pic up the lawn boy, everyone else had slept with her.

Like Fox read there news or watch there TV programs, Sex and Violence, Cop show’s with the Cop terrorists violating human rights all the time.

They have old hollywood actresses, singers and models half naked showing they fake Brest’s and Ass to everyone.

Sell Your Hollywood Ass

That’s the purpose of all of them getting the same huge brest’s, girly boy men like these blown up fake brest’s and the girls can make more money.

Ask any hooker or exotic dancer, all of them will tell you, “the bigger the brest’s more money”.

The biggest professional around LA is Meghan Markle.

Meghan found her sugar daddy a Red headed stupid child, Prince Pussy Whipped!

Those Italian Plastic Surgeons can do amazing thing’s. Is that not right Alex / Robert.

Three healing months later they can tell the biggest lie of all. Does not matter there lives are complete lies anyway.

Sorry Leni Heidi Klum

You and Angie were playing with me on 10-16, Kind of got me going. I like playtime sometimes. Just playing!

Bless You Be being Angie’s Friend.

I’m still pissed at Simon, it’s not playtime!

Simon Scumbag Child Molester

Child Molestation and usury is AGT’s specialty. Sign a contract or put out, or lose is Simon’s game plan.

Raping young girls in England to now in the USA, no one will check this piece of human trash.

I will take care of everyone he knows.