Intelligence Failure

Human Species is having Intelligence Failure on a Global Scale!
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Intelligence Failure
Intelligence Failure

How many times can they use this, “Intelligence Failure”, lie to cover up there true intentions to promote more war and destruction / killing of Gods Children!

First and Foremost

Israel just created 4 billion Hitlers from there lies and evil ways. If you want to see Anti-Semitism it’s Israel.

I align with people that Love God and Truth. No matter there religion or race or history. More than 70% of you that say you believe in God via, “Your Religion’s”, are liers and heretics. This is prevalent in all religions.

Just like Israel talks about being Gods chosen is the biggest lie on the planet. God may chose an individual to be chosen but not any groups. We are judged individually not as a group, race or religion. How could anyone believe this crock of shit!

All your middle eastern religions are plagiarisms on past knowledge bases, whether written or by word of mouth. That preceded Judaism, Christianity and Islam by thousands of years.

All three are plagiarisms on Enoch. the Jews were first as they got this knowledge straight from Enoch as Enoch designed the Temples of Egypt and the So called Jews were his work force, Christianity is plagiarisms off of Judaism and Islam is plagiarisms on all three that proceeded it.

Based on mainly three people Abraham, Moses and Isaiah.

Abraham was of Black / Arab Jewish blood, unlike any Jew in todays world they do not have any Jewish blood in them.

Judaism is a blood line not a belief.

You that say your Jewish but are nothing but just liers and haters.

For there is no Jewish Blood in you. Some of the palestinians and some black people have Jewish blood from the original bloodline.

Killing the Jewish blood line and replacing it with murders, thief’s, liers, and heretics.

Check this out.

The So called Jews say there God’s chosen and are above everyone else. They act this way and feel everyone is inferior to them. I have had these evil ones spit at my feet because I was not like them.

This foundational lie is why they have alway’s been hated. Who in there right mind say that God chose them over all others. Very convenient to give them the perspective of authority over mankind. The Europeans before WWII, “all of them”, hated the Jews and were glad to get rid of them. The terrorized there nations and took over there Governments and banking, turning there country’s into shit holes like they have done now in the USA. All of our higher Gov officials are Jews and will do anything to support Israel even at the cost of killing the USA. They are doing a very good job of it.

Compile your own list of these Zionists evil scum. Hollywood and our communication networks are owned by Jews and they show us violence, sex, lies and hate constantly.

Just like they did to Europe before WWII. Pull your heads out America. Pay attention!!!

And leave the true Hasidic Jews alone for they have been duped by the Zionists terrorists like the rest of us. The Zionists want destruction of the Human race to fulfill there prophetic lies. They are in the process of it now!

Since October 7th I have witnessed several time Zionists tell Hasidic Jews that Hitler should have finished his job and for Jew’s to die. Even though they also say there Jewish???

Same with our news they say the Hasidic Jews protesting genocide are antisemitic. What is that. Lies to promote Israel which has a very small population of true Jewish people or Hasidic Jews.

So the other people on earth are not gods chosen??? That is the biggest bunch of lies and stupid shit on our planet. Gods chosen to torture and the final torture chamber Israel is at hand.

Moses was overly educated babbling idiot, full of hate and lies. Made up stupidity full of control and hate. Nothing but a murder’s, rapist’s, child molester, hater’s of God and Truth, and totally full of shit. Burning bush, when I was young I wished I could get that high.

Sinai Peninsula

Exodus was a complete lie.

Where is Cairo Egypt located, straight west of the Sinai Peninsula, or simply Sinai (/ˈsaɪnaɪ/ SY-ny; Arabic: سِينَاء; Egyptian Arabic: سينا; Coptic: Ⲥⲓⲛⲁ), is a peninsula in Egypt, and the only part of the country located in Asia.

It is between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south, and is a land bridge between Asia and Africa.

Why would Moses go south then east over the Red Sea into one of the most inhabitable places on earth the Sinai Desert. Does not make any sense except the need to create a lie and a so called a miracle parting of the red sea, the first of his miracle = lies.

Isaiah is plagiarism on Micah and Isaiah has had at least 3 authors before the English and the Catholic Church got ahold of it. So what is that???

All three of these religions are for control and are hate writings.

God is not hate.

God is not lies.

God or believers in a true God would never justify hurting or killing of your brothers and sisters for any reason.

There are 0 “ZERO”, Jews of the modern era that ever entered heaven, Very few Muslims or Christians because of your hate books and hate of others that are not like you in belief or race or what you value.

Take all three of your human books of lies and mark out anything about separation, control, hate, ownership or race and what do you have left. Maybe 10% of your books. What are they? They all came from the same part of the world and the same people’s stupid lies, just differing perspectives. And you dumb asses fight over lies and are full of worshiping the devil’s things of this earth, hate, lies and stupidity.

To think that this shit hole part of the world has exclusive right’s to God’s knowledge is beyond me.

No one before or since has any connection with Father??? How retarded and stupid. Oh I forget! No one shall add to or take away any part of these books.

Giving them exclusive right’s to God and the pollution of your your minds.

Most of you love and believe in 💲 meaning you have no ¢.

If you really believed in God then why do your preachers get rich of selling Gods FREELY GIVEN TRUTH’s. You adorn your churches with Gold and the things of this earth and that you make with your hands, discounting the people’s needs, God, love and truth.

Lets consider the origins of all religions that came from the middle east. All three are plagiarism on earlier texts and writings including knowledge passed down through out history by world of mouth and traditions.

If you read my Jew Who post. You would have found out the lies behind all 3 of your middle eastern religions.

This is Arab lies and control. All of Northern Africa and the Canaanites were black cultures and peoples, forced from there nations and homes killed off by arabs and now they claim it’s there ancestral lands which is B.S.

The Egyptian’s who built the Pyramids and one of the greatest cultures on the planet were Black. Not white and not arab.

Look at all the Biblical depictions of Egypt’s and the historical people of these regions. They depict them as white or arabs. A total lie that everyone seems comfortable with, even black Africans have forgotten this is there land not the arabs!

Any black person that says they believe in the arabs three religions are traitors to there own race. As Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have stolen your true beliefs in God, your lands and killed your peoples for thousands of years.

If your a black christian then believe in Jesus, love and truth. Throw the rest of that biblical non-sense in the trash as it is all lies and hate on my children of color. If your Black Jewish your insane and if you believe in Islam your crazy.

Enoch, Abraham and Jesus are the way the truth and the light. Enoch and Abraham were coal Black. Jesus was a light skinned Black person, as all the Essenes were.

Middle East 3500 BCE


💲💲💲 All Dollars no Love ❤️

The Real Jewish People

Nazis and Zionists are the same. Two side’s of the same coin! Nazi’s would be the head and the Jew’s would be the ass or tails.

Both collaborated durning WWII to eliminate the Jews from Europe. Then the European countries wanted them gone so Israel was implemented. The say they are Jewish so they can get, take and lie in there Gangster Click.

Fully Planned

The Zionists started Hamas to counter the PLO, trained them supported them, then the USA is paying for the invasion “via”, “Iran”, with Israel intentionally standing down to let it’s own citizen’s get killed for the excuse to steal all the rest of the Palestinian Lands. = Zion’s Biggest lie, a pre-planned 911! Same thing!

New Middle East

Times Of Israel Netanyahu predicts a new Middle East, is silent on the havoc he’s unleashed in Israel.

Both the UN and NATO are, Puppets of England and the USA basically Terrorists Organizations and have been since there inception.

Intelligence Failure

Israel has been and always will be a lie and a Zionist Terrorist Organization.

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