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The essence of creation is of more, all are cursed with more!
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The Curse of More

more More MORE, I want More.

The essence of physical creation is more and it’s also your first foundational test.

Which of you can seek less, for the case of true serenity.

Less Is Best

I spoke a little bit about the Devil and how she was my love in Heaven until she sought more.

Me and the Devil would bond spiritually to become one which filled us with each other. I needed no more and was satisfied with our Love.

That was not enought for her, she sought more. As spiritual beings we needed no more, we did not need food, comfort was being one with father and knowing his love and grace, so we needed nothing for comfort.

Creation was our job and that is how we were designed in our becoming or seeking of more; according to Father Gods foresight.

I the Devils seeking of more she started by acting over others, in her acts of creation and being, she always wanted to out do the other Angels or to be over them.

A lot of this seeking of more was because she was my Love and that put her above others.

Just in our relationship created a hierarchical situation and made some of the other Angels question my love for them.

I love all in creation equally I was just in Love with the Devil. I need mo more. It was somewhat my fault for choosing one instead of all and to treat them all equally.

She started bonding with the other Female Angels causing discourse and pain within my spirit. But I tried to forgive her. She tried to explained it away, that it filled her and why would I not like her to become more. I knew this was wrong, but because of my love for her, I tried to overlook it.

She could not stop seeking more and wanted all to pay attention to her, so she started a chorus with other Angels. Bonding with her personal attendants / helpers the cherub. Then the Devil devised the Fiddle in order to add to Gods song. A lot of my Angels were consumed by this and joined her.

Which became Music!

Not satisfied with the gift of Gods song, she sought more and had to extend our truth in Gods song, with her music.

This was a denial of God and our Love and she and the Angel seeking more were cast out to a physical realm where there curse was to give for live to the void with and mankind = always having to seek more just like a physical being or a planet with life / entity. A Black Hole is a entity with a foundation of more, it consumes and that its job. That its only job. To where mankind is cursed with the essence of more, which it’s a test.

Who can seek just what you need without seeking more. That very seldom occurs on planet earth.

A Story of Less

I traveled a lot in my life and did many differing things for work, to pass the time, doing my job to learn all aspects of mankind, poor, rich, sickness and pain, with super comfort when I was young with mass consumption of more, in order to better to know how to lead all down a path of truth, in which less is best.

Live for your need’s, not your wants, or playtime.

In your constant consumption it consumes you.

You always have to seek more.

The more you seek the more you will seek.

Thus is a constant seeking of more which consumes your life through acquisition, reacquisition, with lots of reacquisition, to almost always mass consumption. Which is destroying planet Earth and your lives.

Another Little Story

I went to several Rainbow gathering’s, and one on the Lost Coast of CA around Honeydew.

I got to know this on kid in his early 20’s, and this guy would make everything, what he wore or use at the gathering’s and wanderings. Like a spoon and bowl he made of drift wood, with little or Zero alteration. At the end of the Rainbow fest he would return them to there origin of finding.

Electric Kool-ade Acid Test, this guy was always off the buss, to hell with the buss, he used what Father had given him, his feet.

He always be trippin man, at least you Girly boys would think so.

So he was the best I have seen of less and leaving the planet relatively untouched by his life, with 0 carbon footprint, as he walked between gatherings, even if it was on the other side of the USA. His only curse of more was in his basic physical existence, just to sustain himself!