Mother Russia

America is Russian Land's and all American Indians are of Russian Descent from a ancient Siberian Land Bridge.

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Developed and Written by: Donald Boulton🎉 0

Mother Russia
Mother Russia

The truth surrounding everyone wanting Mother Russia’s assets, land and mineral resources, and how they will lie, steal, war, NATO Romper Room will do anything to get it.

Europe has for thousands of years tried to steal from Russia and could never succeed.

I have never talked with anyone from Russia. What I say is evident from history if any of you can figure it out, I would be surprised from your brainwashed world.

All American indians are Russian, and part of me, and dam proud of it.

Russia is the truest of heart of any people on earth.

I checked all the world’s hearts last week and thats what I found by a large margin.

USA is the most heartless country in the last 50 years.

Hart less shit list.
  1. Spain, imperialist thieves, slave mongers, destructor of thousands of cultures
  2. England, imperialist thieves, slave mongers
  3. Mexico, total deamon shit hole of the world
  4. Norway, just recently LGBTQ rules this Gay country
  5. USA, terrorists aggression for over 50 years and LGBTQ rules
  6. China, Everything

More to come!

Any country in the past that was imperialist or promoted the slave trade, or has a monarchy even if it’s fake. Will be high on my list.

Russia and a lot of country’s will be exempt.

MORE in it’s own time!