Mother Russia

America is Russian Land's and all American Indians are of Russian Descent from a ancient Siberian Land Bridge.
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Mother Russia

The truth surrounding everyone wanting Mother Russia’s assets, land and mineral resources, and how they will lie, steal, war, NATO Romper Room will do anything to get it.

Europe has for thousands of years tried to steal from Russia and could never succeed.

I have never talked with anyone from Russia. What I say is evident from history if any of you can figure it out, I would be surprised from your brainwashed world.


Singing The Earth's Song | All Genadi Tkachenko's Auditions

My Blood

I’m Black Cherokee Indian. And many other bloods but this is reminds me of our drumming at our festivals and stirs something deep inside my soul…

I wept for our Mother Earth…

The things she has experienced, the degradation of man, the blood laid bare on her skin.

And yet, she blooms anew each morning, offering us gifts of abundance.

How much she must suffer at our hands.

I feel the shame of all mankind. I hope others hear this same cry in your beautiful music and help her. I don’t think she will ever willingly abandon us, but there may be a point from which she cannot recover or continue; the way a small child withers away and collapses without love.

May God have mercy on our arrogance and heal Her.

Sing to the Planet My Love Angelina, sing to Mother Earth and its children.

All American Indians are Russian, and part of me, and dam proud of it. I have already spoken about me having blood form around the world, So whom do I side with = All that are of truth.

The liers and evil ones will fall soon.

I do not care where you are at or what race or color you are, if your not screaming about what evil goes on around you then you accept evil and thus you are of evil!

Russia is the truest of heart of any people on earth.

I checked all the world’s hearts last week and thats what I found by a large margin.

USA is the most heartless country in the last 50 years.

Heart less Shit List.
  1. England, imperialist thieves, slave mongers, demon worship, changed many cultures to there liking!

English Scum worship the Devil Worship of Baal (Why do English athletes sing ‘Jerusalem’ and not ‘God Save The Queen’?)

Revelation 17

  1. Mexico, total daemon shit hole of the world, will be turned to dust soon.

  2. Spain, imperialist thieves, slave mongers, destructor of thousands of cultures

  3. Norway, just recently LGBTQ rules this Gay country

  4. USA, terrorists aggression for over 50 years and LGBTQ rules

  5. China, Everything

Any country in the past that was imperialistic or promoted the slave trade, or has a monarchy even if it’s fake. Will be high on my list.

Russia and a lot of country’s will be exempt.

MORE in it’s own time!