NATO Disarmed

NATO Disarmed, all of our Ammo has been used up intentionally!
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Russia Air in Dubai
NATO Disarmed

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USA’s main purpose of the Ukraine war was to disarm the USA and NATO. Putin’s army’s are not trying to move forward just lour NATO backed forces into destruction of our arms and ammo.

The Ukraine army fire at least 16K artillery shells a day, most of the time at non-military targets, just to use up the ammo. As well as all of NATO’s other weapons.

Biden is going to kill the USA and congress is going along with it. They have already been payed off. Dollars are more important than life, it’s very obvious.


The below is all truth based on stuff anyone can find on the internet. Do not blame me for these truths.

I do take credit for attacking your religions not the people that believe in these lies based on hate and control.

All of you have been brainwashed by the Devil and cannot find the truth in what you do.

I am just reversing the Two Thousand Years of Devilish brainwashing. As so All my children of Earth EVERYWHERE can live in loving piece and harmony.

Free from oppression, separation, classing and hierarchical control. All of mankind are equal in Gods eyes as they should be in yours!

No more separation, hate, lies and war!

Get pissed off at me, I can deal with it. Pointing out truth to humanity is a dangerous thing!

Ask my son Jesus.

Or any of your Governments anywhere.

Truth is not Allowed!

But also get pissed off at yourselves; all of you for believing such obvious historical religious lies.

Migrant Warriors

There are over 10 million trained illegal / so called migrant’s as troops in the USA and more than 40 million in England and Europe.

They are from all over the world so who do you fight?

You cannot single them out. You cannot class them, as they are all kinds of cultures, classes and races!

It’s all going down soon, and all at once. Internal war along with all of our military gone in one day. It’s already in place to destroy Europe, England and the USA.

We will not be able to stop this internal war. They have acquired USA military weapons from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

The cartels are already testing the invasion from Mexico across our southern border. And huge cash’s of military arms are just across our border and stashed all over the USA and Canada. Our Zionist GOV knows this and is letting it happen intentionally.

Why do you think all the millions of young men who are buff and look trained are coming across our border. Lots of them were already in our country.

The USA and NATO have gone around the world attacking countries and cultures everywhere. After we steal all there oil and other natural resources we then we bring them by the thousands and or million’s of them into the USA and call them refuges. We just killed there friends and family then you bring them into your country’s and move them next door. How stupid all of you have become.

Oklahoma City is full of them. All well dressed and set up with housing and cars and free money from George Soros and our Zionist Government.

Most do not even work.

Why? Everything we have has been promised to them.

Yes, your business, house, car and kids. See there attitude in New York or Chicago. Five “5”, star arrangements is what they demand, and are getting it on our dime as we go broke and struggle to make ends meet.

Our Zionist loving controlled Congress, “who is being threatened or is on the take” will do nothing about it, just talk shit like they have since 1965.

Your AR-15s will not stop them. They have full tack gear and all the weapons and equipment that our special forces have.

We have been training lots them for over 30 years in our military.

The cartels are 70% “X”, and current USA military trained personnel.

We educated, trained and armed our enemies and moved them next door.

Brilliant move by Israel, China and Russia.

If you have the funds get out of the Northern Hemisphere, “NOW”. Hide in South America like the elite are already planning on doing.

Then you might have a survival rate of 2% to 3%, if your lucky.

You think any of our Nukes will be launched ever, think again. Biden will stand down and let us be destroyed.

Is it not evident what Biden as a Zionist puppet is doing. It is already to late. All of our ammo is gone as well as all our troops stationed overseas. There is nothing to protect the USA. No troop’s & No ammo.

We have no Iron Dome! No plans for survival of the Citizens of the USA! If there is just one EMP burst. They have done nothing to prepare our country for a nuclear conflict. Just one air burst Nuke or ”EMP”, will create conditions where 90% of USA citizens will starve to death in the proceeding months.

No electricity, and no way to communicate or ship goods to or from anywhere.

We spent Trillions making sure Europe and Israel have missile defense but nothing for the USA

THe Pentagon has stopped all ammo production for the public and soon there will be none to buy. Not that it will do you any good. Even if you have a million rounds your toast. Underground shelters will not work. There are sensors to find them from space and weapons to take them out = all of them.

Even at Denver International Airport the underground shelter there is going to be toast. Pre-Planned!!!

Our police are already standing down against any invader, they get away with what ever they want, and booking USA citizens for saying anything about this invasion on the USA.

Zionist Disarmament

Now the Zionist leg of disarmament is at hand. Biden has put a lot of our strategic assets in harms way, not to protect Israel but for them to be destroyed.

Our ships have no chance against there hypersonic weapons. Scratch three flat-tops and all associated support groups.

How sad the USA is so stupid and keeps these terrorists in power to kill all of us.

All of Biden’s appointees are Zionist. All of them are doing everything they can to destroy the USA, England and Europe. It’s prophetic / prophecy, Israel’s Gov has repeatedly said so.

Zionists Killing the USA

David Weiss - pollutes our children’s minds with Trans immorality

All of Hollywood - Nasty evil liers, useless human beings. THe Hollywood list of Zionists entertainers is endless. All immoral sluts and human scum.

Dr. Anthony Fouche - Killed Millions with his invention of Covid-19 then with his Covid lies. Laughed all the way to the bank

Antony J. Blinken - United States Department of State wants open funding for mass murder.

Merrick Garland - is the chief judge of the most important federal appeals court in the nation. In this role, he has consistently forged consensus among judges across the Zionist ideological spectrum. Uses his position to control our speech and any anti-semitism.

Three of the recent Zionist Supreme Court Justice’s, are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elana Kagan and Stephen Breyer. All haters of our constitution.

Greg Abbott - is facilitating child trafficking and this invasion of the USA in Texas, shipping the invaders all over the USA. He lies when he says he is trying to stop it.

Gavin Newsom - doing the same thing as Abbott, but for much longer. California is dying and is super sick from his Zionist insanity.

George Soros - is paying for the immigrant invasion of Europe, Australia, USA and half the western world.

Alan Dershowitz - destructor of the constitution, know baby rapist calling for killing all of the palestinians

John Kirby - has become one of the loudest voices espousing the president’s commitment to Israel’s security.

Janet Louise Yellen United States secretary of the treasury since January 26, 2021 is killing the USA monetary system preparing us for a Rothschild family central banking takeover.

Rothschild family, controls our banking and will soon steal all your money’s from Europe and the USA, and around the world. it’s already in the works.

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro - what he calls facts are just illusionary Zionist lies. With warmongering hate!

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is an American politician and former naval officer who is currently serving as the 19th United States Secretary of Transportation.

The latest Zionist Rant by Stuart Seldowitz

America pay attention the Zionists list of control of the USA goes on and on.

Screw the Chinese they are pussycats compared to the Zionists, whom are the Worlds #1 enemy. The haters and destructors of our country and the World!

Zionists Invasion

The Zionists are 35% of the USA population but hold over 90% of our Federal GOV offices. When I was a child the jewish population was less than 3% now 35%. No wounder our country is sick with immorality, lies and hate.

They will kill the whole planet for Isaiah’s prophecy of lies. Not even Isaiah’s words but Micah’s. Micah was a Black person and a African so the Zionist’s had to have there own skewed views or another bunch of Zionist lies.

Remember Covid-19 / 20 / 21 / 22 and the “Zionist terrorist, ‘Dr. Anthony Fouche”, who’s illegal bio labs and Covid-19 killed more people than Hitler.

Getting rich doing it. Laughs at us because he knows our Zionist GOV will do nothing to a Zionist or anyone whom supports them.

The only Religion or people on earth have it so it’s against the laws, almost everywhere to even say anything about them.

You can say what you like about any other culture, race or religion, but not the Zionists.

This is 3,500 years of the Evil One’s, doing this same pattern of lies, murder, destruction and control of any and all countries that let then in or facilitate there Devilish insanity.

Albert Einstein Called Zionists “Criminals”!

Friedrich Nietzsche outlined what exactly transpired and is 100% accurate on this lack of true morality from any Zionist, Christian, Islamic question.

The capital of Israel Tel Aviv is the LGBTQ or the Gay capital of the world.

It’s so perverted with Gay Sickness, as Evil the whole city turns out for the Gay Pride Parade.

Many prominent Zionist men are among the names on Jeffrey Epstein’s newly uncovered calendar or did you forget Jeffrey Epstein was the biggest child trafficker for Hollywood and our GOV there was.

Our Texas southern border where we have 10 of thousands of children go missing for Texas Governor super sick Zionist Greg Abbott’s child trafficking network for the Zionist elite sick scum.

Abbott say’s he is trying to do something about it. Yes build more housing as internment camps for more kids. Show or tell us what happen’s to these kids. They will not!

Abbott protects his child trafficking network at all costs.

And covering it up with a Old Zionist ploy of look over here do not pay any attention to this child abuse, look at all the invaders that come over his part of the border then he ships them all over the USA. And Abbott brags about it, like it’s a good thing, a planned thing to destroy the USA so Israel and Zionists can totally control the USA and most of the World, as they already do.

They even brag about Controlling the USA GOV. Why Netanyahu thinks America is stupid.

Zionist school children sing and brag about killing palestinian children Zionist / Hitler Youth Again

What is the first thing that Christian “Traitor, ‘Mike Johnson”, did as Speaker of the house is a bill to send billions to Israel.

Not helping the USA people but sending ton’s of weapons and cash the rulers of the USA as Israel.

Pay Attention WORLD. Oh I forgot, you cannot, it’s against the law to pay attention to anything the Zionists do, that would anti-semitic / disinformative thinking… They can Jail you for that.

As I write this the Jewish USA GOV is making laws that your a terrorists to say anything anti-semitic or truthful surrounding the evil, devilish, gangster Zionists.

All Zionists violate all the 10 Commandments daily! There is nothing of God, Love or truth about any of them. Everything they do is based upon lies, hate, control and destruction of humanity and themselves. A Super Sick evil religion and Christianity and Islam has there foundations based upon the same Zionist lies.

So Christians and Muslim’s are just Zionists on, “Hallucinatory Prophetic Steroids”.

None left
No more weapons