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The Girls at Oklahoma University are well trained animals and Prostitutes as sperm bags for all comers. As Rape is legal in Norman Ok.

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Developed and Written by: Donald Boulton🎉 0
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No Oklahoma University Lovers
  • 10/24/22

Rachel Badow

Not sure of the Rachel’s last name maybe Badow or it sounds like that.

Sometimes I hang out on the street corner with the people that sell magazines and I through about a year and a half time period I got to know Rachel.

She would come by and talk being real nice to me. Thought she like me. On June 11th at 7:30 in the Morning, Rachel stopped in the middle of the street, blocking traffic on Penn to say hello and we talked for 5 lights, she gave me here phone number and said to call Her.

First time since 1996 I called someone or even wanted to! Not that I do not get phone numbers and offers to go with whoever all the time. I am burnt out on being a piece of meat for useless Oklahoma animals.

But I Looked in Rachel’s eye’s while she gave me a apple and I saw wounder, kindness; someone that was intellegent, smart and sharp!

So I had to get to know what I saw in her eyes.

She always had her head covered as so I could not even see her ears or that she had any hair, just a clean no makeup pretty face with wonder in her eyes.

A Nun or Cancer patent? Arab or Muslim or maybe no hair for some other medical reason.

Turns out she has nice hair short and brown, Very pretty ears to go with with eyes of wonder.

About lunch time that day I called her, no answer, I left a message asking her to lunch.

Two days later she texted me saying she went out of town and was sorry she missed my call.

I texted her back and we set a date for coffee on June 15th at 9:00AM.

The morning of the date, at 8:30AM, I texted her to confirm. Rachel texted me back 8 minutes later without Cap’s or punctuation in her response. Which indicated to me I woke her up.

All of her other texts to me were Capitalized and punctuated perfectly, so I did wake her up and she did not even make any plans to come; = Merit Scholar?

Rachel had already told me she Was a National Merit Scholar in South Dakota with a, North Dakota prefix (701), ‘another lie”, and got a scholarship to OU and graduated early. She plays the Trumpet and does not like social media or phones.

The only girls that I ever met that did no internet were Prostitutes or Porn stars, as so no one could front them off because there evil ways.

The Morning of the date she showed up half dressed with a halter top showing off her braless tits and short shorts as cutoffs up the crack of her kind of cute fat ass; With some boy Noah. Showed up with her lover from the night before smelling like sex.

Merit Scholar cannot even figure out basic female hygiene, or common curtesy to come on a date with a man without the guy she screwed the night before.

And piece of, “Shit, ‘Guitar playing Noah Boy”, came along with her on a date with another Man!!!…???

He acted more like her pimp and everything she said she looked at him to qualify it being ok, just like a whore. And when I mentioned I met her on the street corner she looked at me like do not tell him that and worried about my truths. Like he had full control over her?

At that point I was wondering if anything she told me was of truth.

So first I wanted to test if she was a teacher or even smart so I said something, “up and personal”, about her being from Idaho, to she what kind of response I would get, me intentionally not saying South Dakota. How would she react. Before I could get Idaho out of my mouth she corrected me, showing she is sharp and most likely a teacher because thats a rude thing to do is interrupt someone in the middle of there sentence, maybe they will self correct, a intellectual asshole like a teacher always responds that way, rude like there above everyone = if you cannot do then teach. If you cannot do then run your mouth = same thing. But 50% o you have jobs where you only run your mouth you cannot even figure out a screw driver or to mow your own lawn, so run your mouth is your only course.

I have a photographic memory and I still see a hundred pictures of the South Dakota plates on her car.

So miss smarty pants was playing me as stupid, just like she is doing to the Arab Kids at her school. Nothing but a Intellectual Asshole.

Everything I said I made it look like I was talking about me when I was actually talking about them. It was over there heads = Merit Scholars.

Still scratching my head on that one.

I envision Noah pimp boy with his guitar so far up his bitch ass that it will take an oral surgeon to remove it. Same vision for all Merit Scholars, the useless animals would get off on it.

Wow never heard of that, someone so clueless and mean not to give me the respect of a coffee date, without the guy she had sex with from the night before?????????
Asked about a hundred people what they thought about that since then and even the Outlaw mean biker women cringed and lowered there heads and were extremely angry that some useless slut would do that to someone.

How mean and evil, they said.

The men all wanted to know about Noah, where he worked and lived. I did not tell them or they would go find him, “Thats not there job”!

What scumbag piece of shit would go with a girl on another mans date. No one had ever even heard of this not even some of the drugged out bicycle street animals could not believe what I was telling them.

The Date

I was to shocked to respond when I saw she brought dumbo to our date, so I went with it.

I think it was all evil Noah’s doing, Rachel’s eyes told me she has no path in life just following others.

My date and she asked him where he wanted to sit and that was outside on the patio of the Black Rifle Coffee company.

Rachel knew I have a hard time hearing, and with the car noise from the street, had a real hard time hearing them, Rachel and me had talked about my hearing several time’s before and I joked that Ted Nugent owed me hearing aids from his 160 decibel concerts at the OKC Fairgrounds Arena.

Could not even give me the respect of getting a table inside as so I could hear, = Mean dumb ass Merit Scholar.

Asked her why she had her head covered every time I say her drive by, she said she believed in the Muslims way of covering your head, but she came in a halter with the shortest shorts up her crack you could possibility have on and I guess that how they practice Sharia at the Muslim school she teaches science at. = “Another Lie”.

Asked her about God as I looked into her eye’s and she shirked, lowered her head and I saw pain in her eye’s, “with no response”! Brought pain to my heart, as I had already seen that response several times before from murders that once believed in God but of because something they had done in life and to themselves, “breaking there own heart”, now having to deny there true path and God for there seeming lack of self worth, now with no heart, lost within there own iniquities.

This is What OU did to Rachel as I could tell she did mot really like OU for what that Oklahoma University did to her, as they do to all the kids that go there.

How sad you encourage our little girls to become this way? Hater’s of purity, life and baby’s! Becoming then haters of Self, God and truth!

You teach them to worship the flesh and the things of Man and your so called; “somebody elses”, knowledge with no proofs. Just endless plagiarisms of stupid shit out or your mouths.

We spent millions of dollars to educate Rachel to where her aspirations in life are now Mike Night on Campus Corner with loser Noah, and to be a hate full evil slut.

The kind of girl that goes to Chicago several times a year as a call girl with some porn on the side. Got to get that new car paid off!

My Earthly Creation

A little bit on How I have Cursed OU since Nov 15th 1957 at 7:10 in the morning, My Birth.

A little on my spiritual existence On Earth that rules my physical, not like you humans where you let the physical rule.

My Father

Lets go back to when Boxing at OU was a big as football, 1957.

My Father Donald Wayne Boulton Sr. grew up in Idabel OK. until his junior year and the family moved to the LA / CA. area, mostly Pamona. They did this because my father was one of the best boxers in the nation.

In Pomona he won the CA boxing championship and Golden Gloves. California gave him a better standing for scholarships than in a Idabel / OK boxing championship.

My father and the whole family were big Oklahoma University fans and always wanted him to go to OU.

He got the scholarship at OU no Problem. In OU's recruiting they showed him pictures of Hostesses at OU campus that he could have any time he wanted some. My father could have any girl he wanted anyway, he was strong, hansom, could break anyone's face, and overly hung.

He was told to limit his sexual activity to the hostesses so he would not be getting anyone pregnant and destroy his school and boxing future.

He moved in a Old wooden 2 story frat house across E. Lindsey St. and west down several blocks from the south end of the stadium, Bulldozed in the 70s.

This frat house had all the best boxers and other top players in other sports.

They were fed hostesses every night if they wanted, if one of the players wanted another girl on campus the coaches would arrange it with date rape drugs or offers of money to the girls.

They did this through several sorority house set up with hostesses, slut’s and prostitutes.

My Mother

My Mom Mary Ann Nelson also had a scholarship to OU, but for performing arts. Growing up on NW 27th and Portland, OKC, she also wanted to go to OU as several of my Aunts and Uncles had before.

So unknowing to my mother she got into one of the sorority’s that had hostesses for the players.

My Mother met Roy Woods and they dated and got engaged.

He was the best score in Oklahoma as his family owned Woods Oil Co. the Woods owned most of the houses on the West side of Nichols Hills Country club. Roy ended up with Outabounds where Villa dead ends into NW 63st.

Mom had one of the first 1956 Candy Apple, “Red”, Corvet convertibles in the state.

My mom was very pretty and talented in piano, song and dance.

Mom would get teased having problems with the sorority girls because of what she had. Jealous slutty evil girls.

My Mother was kind of stuck on herself as she should have been. Some of the girls liked my Mom, mostly for the Corvet rides. Pretty girls also attract Men. That gave them advantages being around my mother.

So she started going to some of the sorority party playing the piano and he girls would sing and dance.

One afternoon she was asked to help entertain at a frat house for some of the OU sports heros.

She said yes, but before they got to my dads frat house they went to Jonsies Drive through on Lindsey just off the old Hi-Way, I-35 did not fully exist, mom got a milk shake.

My mom said she did not remember getting to the frat house nor meeting my father. Next thing she remembered was waking up naked in a bed in pain as my father was putting on his close, he bent down and kissed her and she screamed.

Everyone ran to the room and calmed her down telling her she came there willingly and thats what she gets for going to a frat party. My Father whom was fed girls any time he wanted them got pissed and beat the shit out of several of his fraternity member’s as he and my mom were both set up by serority slut’s to get back at my mom for having the looks, boyfriend and the Corvet.

I have seen this happen to good girls through the years and I always found the MF that did it and put the Raspiest Male in the hospital and found the slut girls boyfriends and did the same with them. I did not care if they knew what there slutty bitch girl friends did to other girls or not.

The school refused to investigate both what my father mother and others were telling them. My dad thought she was just a drunk sorority slut and he had them all the time. He found out all about what was going on at OU and that the Coaches and staff gave the girls at the sorority date rape drugs for the girls unwilling.

My mom was rapped by the sorority girls using my Father as the scapegoat culpret.

My Mother nor my Father ever drank or did any drugs ever, so she was not drunk.

This enraged my father he went after several of the staff at OU.

Eventually mom and my dad left OU.

This was before they found I was on the way, as she was pregnant. My dad asked her to get married, as they at that point had no choice it was early 1957.

They were never in Love and spent 5 miserable and unhappy years together, with me and my sister having to listen to the misery until they divorced.

Then I lived with my Aunt and Grandmother and little sister Becky.

Some of the professors were pissed about what happened and found my Dad a good job doing seismic surveys and location surveying for oil exploration. Which paid alot of money back the enought so they bought a house on Beaver st by 23rd and Rockwell, and waited for me.

The coaching staff was only concerned that my dad was not going for the coverup and to stay in school so he could Box for OU.

Roy Woods and his family were supporters of my Mom and tried to get OU to do something, it was a total coverup. They did not want a scandal.

You dam pieces of trash destroyed 3 family’s lives, our extended family members, including my future. All for your Group Sports Pussy boys.

Do your students go to collage for playtime or to learn? At OU its playtime, learning is secondary and all you teach them is how to get over on others, run there bitch mouths, spitting out shit they got from others. Ending up with nothing but lying thieves, animals and trash.

Sport’s in Collage is the second most retarded thing humanity does, War is #1. Collage is to learn and hopefully to find your own path in life, not everyone elses!

You think I am crazy or full of it, well check this out.

Grapple With The

November 15th 1957 the day of my birth, I had been pissed since conception, I vowed to destroy OU. Even make sure I was born a month early in Hoisington Kansas.

Remember Nov 16th 1957, I shredded you and your 47 game winning streak, 123 games without getting skunked came to an end.

Watch and rutted for Notre Dame since that moment till I was 5. Told everyone I like the Green and Gold. Still Do.

They did not believe me but what the hell could they do about it.

Finally got tired of Okie B.S. and kind of changed my tune, saying I was OU fan. In the 70's, 1985 and 2000 I was, and got arrested several times shooting off my 12 gauge shotgun, "with blanks", when OU scored or had touchdowns against Texas, breaking about a dozen faces over the games!

Mom and dad in a round about way let me know I was unplanned and not wanted but blamed each other, or the School.

Deal with that all of your life, burn in hell OU!

I have cousin’s and Uncles that would never talk to me because they knew I cursed OU.

Summers in Pamona CA. or LA area, Upland and Laguna, sometimes in a cabin on top of Mount Baldy; school and winter in Oklahoma = CalOkie.

One of my Uncles came to Pamona CA. when I was there in the summer, I was about 7yrs.

When he came into my Grandparents house he looked at my dad and asked where the little daemon was. I was right behind him, as my Father broke his jaw and left him in a pool of blood.

Never saw that uncle again.

Look OU I have had a Love/Hate relationship with you since day one, you have no idea how many National Championships I cursed you out of.

I like it cursing you most when you were by far the best team in the nation and you would get your ass kicked by very inferior teams, in the Championship Game. Ha Ha evil stupid slut dummies.

Sorry Patty and Girls softball your the only thing at OU that I will not like destroying, but when you hang out with scum, “You are Scum”!

One of the worst things about it was in my early 20’s I worked for Control Technology, I was the shop flunky, ran wires build controls and answered the phone, answering the phone was kind of cool I got to talk to and usually hang up on Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak all the time, Gates and others, they all wanted info from Todd and David on APC’s, that they were designing.

I was in the richest people houses all the time in OKC doing control systems, including installing and tuning up custom high end audio installations and such.

One day David and Todd asked me to go with them to Outabounds and bring the pink noise generator and the DB meter.

When we got there the Butler answered the door and we went inside.

I was looking around at possible sweat spots to tune the audio as Todd and Steve met and talked to Roy Woods.

They approached me and introduced me to Roy Woods.

Mom had told me a little bit about him and always wanted to meet him.

I had seen him at the NH Country Club several times but never was introduced.

After the introduction Roy said to me that my Mother Broke his heart, Roy still looked broken hearted, then he walked off, with his head hung down.

Dam it! See what your slut animals and player’s do to people.

Todd looked bewildered and Steve dumbstruck. I took a deep breath and slightly shook my head as we went back to the shop. They did not ask me what that was about = set up.

Thanks Roy, made me fell real good. NOT!

But the last slap in the face by OU is soon after the 2000 National Championship, which was my coming out dream prayer to Father.

I decided to move from Santa Barbara CA. where it's paradise, back to freezing and frying.

My parents were getting old and in ill health, so I kind of wanted to come back to OK, and spend time with them.

Got back here and wanted to live in Norman OK and root for Sooner football. First time on a Oklahoma, “Open Campus”, in 30 years. But I had 3 foot long dread locks and a beard with Military pants and a Rainbow Fest TShirt.

Clean and only nad a nice laptop bag with me, I went to the library of which I had been in hundreds of times through the years.

Found a empty desk and took out my laptop and started writing.

Ten minutes later the Campus police told me that my kind was not allowed on campus and I had to leave. I told them it was a state open campus University of which I had been to lots of times.

Campus cops escorted me off the campus, even past campus corner. Then the next day I got harassed for no reason by Norman Police, so screw Norman back to NW. OKC.

Couple of weeks later I went to the OU Medical library which for years was my babysitter. After my Mom and Dads divorce I grew up with my Aunt and Grandma. My Aunt Naomi Doosing was supervisor of surgery at Presbyterian Hospital/OU Med Center, and instead of a babysitter I would go to work with her and spend all day at OU Medical Center library.

I was reading medical books when I was 7 and getting the jest.

My favorite study was the innate, the Diencephalon and diencephalic responses, as I always had a dyslexic view on life, I was trying to figure out if had internal, inverse sympathetic ophthalmia.

Close to the same situation, about the same clothes and the same thing happened with no ill words or anything wrong, I did not look right.

The OU medical center cops kicked me of campus for 6 months and had to sign a document stating that, or threats of jail for trespassing, on a State Funded Open Campus.

Whats happened since about 2001, is my furious anger against OU.

Burn in hell Oklahoma University! I detest you, cursing all your past and present students and staff making sure that you pieces of trash burn in hell for eternity, screaming forever because of your iniquities, “As you will be Unforgiven and Forgotten”!

I totally wrote you off when you decided to go SEC. I hate the SEC as a Okie should. Fuck your Football team, most of them would not go to OU except for the long list of slutty white girls OU is recruiting them with.

Watch how badly they will play as they show there slutty shame to the World.

Just when you got the Best Coach in the Nation, I still will give my spirit and powers on Earth to the opposing team, even Texas.

Thanks Merit Scholars, got me to full and completely, “Forever Hating”, the University and group sports teams I have had in my heart since I was 5, but no more!

Fuck You Oklahoma University!

Fuck all of your Merit Scholars who cannot even find there own path in life, your stuck following everyone elses, spitting others knowledge out of your childish mouths = that make’s you smart; or just overly educated, intelligent, “heard animals, only the sum of others, ‘Dumb Ass Stupid Fucks with no individual path in life”!

One out for just the past and present students, If somehow you can get me to say, “God Bless You, ‘to your face, individually”, looking into each others eyes, then I cannot curse you at that point!

Try to figure that out if possible!

Who do you say I am! For I am All, which of me do you seek. Your declaration of who I am will determine your future path. Which Horse do you ride down the path you take? Choose now carefully. For your path will be set for eternity! No deviations!