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In my teens and 20's I lived with Voltaire and Goethe in my heart, and pocket, thesaurus and a dictionary in the other. Later lived and Became Zarathustra, as Nietzsche's Uberman.

There searching for a true thesis unfulfilled, or Nietzsche's antithesis, pronounces the fulfillment of my thesis.

Have to be fully versed in the antithesis to know or fulfill the thesis!

I can give more truth in one sentence than all there volumes. My truths are Father Gods Truths, not human speculation.

As all there babbling fulfills and reenforces my brevity!

Learned long ago not to speak or write for my own worth, trying not being to much of Intellectual Asshole.

Got drilled on that, at OCU one time.

Dean Wilson's wife told me that I was only giving a speech to myself, no one else understood my thesis. She said I was just being a Intellectual Asshole! Talking over everyone! She got me to think a lot about what she said! She was right!

A philologist and philosophers are way out there; caught up in stupidity and human babbling dribble!

Cannot talk over people as your just talking to and impressing yourself. Or maybe some minds find that philology is some intellectual play toy. What a person means, "Matters".

Lost in there own correction, if someone miss-spoke an intellectual asshole will correct you, no matter whether your meaning was true; "To Hell with the Words".

Words do not Mean, People Mean!

Did words make people or did people make words?

No Matter what words any of us use, "Those Words Have Individual Meaning"!


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