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Internal Proof's

But my proof's, as my works are within me, Stage 4 liver cirrhosis for 20 years, no disks left in my back, my kidneys are jelly, pancreas a joke, broken and destroyed things in my body none of you could recover from.

Yet I am here, and can do most anything a 30 year old could do. My body all over has always been rock hard and still is, no exercise needed. As I just maintain, fix or redesign whatever with my spirit and faith and ya.

Been told over 20 time's in the past to breath, as sometimes I am with father and forget, got caught one time for about 25 minutes. Since my youth the emergency room heart monitors go off all the time because I believe in utility, so my heart does not have to run all the time, I just turn it on and off.

Spiritually/Physically Impregnated three Women that could not have children, they had sex many times previous to me. One had been married serval times and got around. All three wanted there own child desperately. How could I deny them?

Pretty much been denied access to anyone in the medical field. I Have seen the best internal, liver, back, and diseases specials there are. There response is how to you do anything, let alone breath, they do not have a clue.

So here is my; "Just Blink It", internally living it!

Lets just say; I Am Human, All to Human. I Am that I Am!

Drink of my blood and you will be healed! Eat of my flesh and ye shall have all knowledge!


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