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There is allot of protesting around the World and USA, and I find these protests are valid arguments, but with not any fixes or conclusions on how to solve the problem.

Without some basis on how to fix whatever your protesting then from what I've seen y'all just a bunch of unruly children rasing hell.

Lets take the police issue in the USA surrounding BLM. All with ya brothers and sisters, but this issue is not a black and white thing this is a clicked up justice system bent on there own agendas not the peoples.

No checks and balances between the Justice systems in America and no separation of interconnecting powers as in the Police make the arrest, then buddy's in the DA's office decide on prosecution based on agendas not law the it goes to A bunch of dress wearing overlords that thing they have the ultimate power over others, and they love to exercise there power for there clicked up hate system.

Most all DA are X cops and same with the Courts, so one big click just like the USA GOV.

The Police department's love to hire the most violent of all citizens as in the ones we train to hate and kill and thats our military, these brainwashed kids are the last ones you would want to police anything as they are trained to have a instant protective reaction to kill; which is great for war and the military but not logical at all for interacting with a people your are haired to protect.

The military training to instill a trained innate response to threats which in this programming it becomes almost a instant response that requires no thought as it should for instant reactions, all of us go through this training whether it is for sports, walking, hot and cold responses; "almost anything we do" = practice.

Lets say you burn yourself on the stove by sticking you hand on the burner to see if its hot enough and you burn you hand really good, you should now have a instant response developed which requires no thought not to touch that stove burner again, "you just know" or now it's innate.

So for someone to think the military guys are not going to responded accordingly when threatened even with retraining is blatantly stupid as training to or innate patterning is forever set through these innate patterning of responses to now flight or fight.

SO X Military as a Police Officer = no way.

Nothing Hidden

Any and all Police, DA, and Courts documentation should be for instant public viewing = by and for the people not the click.

No internal Affairs

Just what it says Internal Affaire which stay internal = no public oversight.

No Police Unions or Organizations

Unions and there clicks are to cover there asses when they fuck up.

No Policing by the GOV

Policing through privatization of independent organizations which hire there own attorneys for representation of misconduct and illegal activity's.

One of the biggest issues with GOV policing is the state or Fed's Attorney Generals Represent them in criminal court which is big time conflicts of interests. And the same for any Gov officials is that if they fuck up there buddy's in the justice = JUST US dept can spend unlimited amount's of our money representing them, guilty or not this does not make sense = no responsible checks on any government officials.

No X police in the DA's Office, DA's should be a trained profession just like any skilled worker. Where you go to school for it. Not clicked up into it, this is how they get there jobs, through clicked up shit; Qualified or not, qualifications do not matter if your in the click.

This is why cops do not get prosecuted like the rest of us.

Bad Gov infrastructure

This is a whole huge discussion where most details will be reviled in another post. Simply said you have a Gov of irresponsibility who did it, "who is responsible"? = none.

No independent thinkers

Mostly Harvard overly educated idiots who run things and fucking it up really well, No brain cells just Skull and Bones.

Protest to the answers

Quit bitching unless you have some answers, look at other parts of the world and see what they do, and find some lawyers who can determine consitutional intent and get after it legally. Or your protesting is just talking shit and creating worst shit for everyone.


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