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React SEO JSON-LD per page is the only logical option for perfection in a WebPage or Article.

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Developed and Written by: Donald Boulton🎉 0
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See my Post on JSON-LD for MDX and Typescript using Googles ‘schema-dts’, with ‘react-schemaorg’!

JSON-LD Per Template

📡 react SEO JSON-LD and meta tags, “per page”, is the only logical option for SEO = microdata perfection in a WebPage or Article.

The main issue with Json-LD for microdata is you need frontmatter data from pages and posts like the page title, url, description, created time edited time, author, publisher, ratings, reviews etc.

Doing this with a SEO Component like most react Tutorials means you would have to develop a query to pull all file markdown edges into any page you wanted with Json-LD for all pages and posts frontmatter data along with the body of the page.

I just added Json-LD and individual page meta tags per pages templates.

Below is a example of blog post page using Json-LD with react-helmet for the meta tags.


Using the above article query for individual Blog Post pages frontmatter data.