USA Election

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USA Election

Our 2020 election was the most major Racketeering scheme ever, using foreigners from mexico as illegal alien nationals to manipulate the election is the biggest scumbag move in history. Sold our county out to win the election.

Straight up put the amnesty thing on Biden's website, telling everyone he is a traitor and he will get away with this Treasonous act. No loyalty to the average american; and a hero to the super rich and big business.

Happiness Is Not Important

When is the last time you heard any Professional politicians say anything about the Happiness of the people of America? The 1960's was the last time I heard it and from JFK.

Now all they talk is about the Economy. I guess like them we are supposed to be happy with a lot of toys and useless shit on our walls. Does not matter that your neighbor is a terrorist invader scum with more organization, weapons and bullets that we do, and that his children terrorize the neighborhood because they can easily see what there parent have gotten away with in ripping off the USA with total coveting of what the American people have or had.

Violating Gods laws and Man's does not matter when you can get a bunch of someone elses shit and free shit = Worse than any Cartel and are just soul-less demons.

Sell More Shit

The rich do not care who they sell there shit to nor where there at, just the more the better and more $$$ if we bring in whomever = You all Suck!

Essential Workers

Or that the invaders are now the essential Workers not the 19 million unemployed, or the 20 million homeless including a lot of war veterans with this covid-19 crises. And they get amnesty for all there illegal shit. The Democrats say 11 million, more like 40 million. Every city and town in USA is infested with these un-human soul-less illegal shit and there terrorist children.

Democrats Suck

Fuck you democrats you retarded piles of shit, you will not get away with this, your causing hatred and fear and revolution in the USA, as you laugh at the peoples stupidity. You should pay for what you voted in, tax the shit out of you, from your Un-American votes.

The scumbag told you in this campaign website he was bringing in his Trojan Horse and how he was going to fuck America, and you loved that, "did you not retards". Notice the Left Hand of the Devil always right behind him at all time's directing the Puppet, till she needs him no longer.


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