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Rated Raw! No Kids!

No Don't Do It!

As of 6 a.m. EDT July 7, a total of 157,908,171 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 47.6 percent of the country's population, according to the CDC's data.

The Biden Administration is a lying piece of .... for claiming they had anything to do with the vaccine!

The Government is trying its best to mandate this, Jailing will be next, to a forced control system.

There not even telling you that lots of people from all over the World that are fully vaccinated are still getting Covid-19 and some dying.

So heard immunity, by getting and surviving Covid-19 is the only way to go.

Screw the vaccine its just to make the ones rich who came up with Covod-19 in the first place. The medical industry is one of our worst enemy's. They insisted on the research and then we gave China Wuhan research facility, they say $3.7 million actually its, $500 Million dollars several months before the intentional release of Covid-19.

05/22/2021 Told Ya

I know this is not definitive but its the truth. Fox News interview with Dr. Li Meng Ya claims she has produced evidence that COVID was lab-made.

Like everything our Government gets caught at, that information is stuffed and you will find no record of it.

The Devils hench person Kamala gave us a heads up on the new pandemics there going to infect us with. They do that to set our minds in motion for acceptance for anything scandalous they do, which is about everything!

Even if you have had Covid-19 they are requiring you to be vaccinated, even though you cannot get Covid-19 = some other reason, think about it.

  • Why do the immune need it? Not for immunity's obviously!

Plus it's free, everybody wants something free, don't you!

So we have 30% of our population succumbing to the control of the Devil, thats what your vaccine's do is control you. There is substance's in them to keep you meek, not being able to pay attention to what is really going on around you = to more of a heard animal, in order to steal more from you.

Thats why are Military Kids are vaccinated for tons of stuff, to keep full control over them.

Fox News

5/16/2021 Tucker I heard what you kind of said! "Crazy"! Well ok, you at Fox have resources. Get someone that has not had Covid-19 or the Vaccine. Study there bio plasmic energy forces and brian waves. And other bodily functions! Testing them before and after each of the two vaccination doses, and see what you come up with. A lot of CHANGES! Most of these changes are subtle but end up keeping us docile and controlled!

Our GOV has been studying this since at least the 40's.

My Grandfather used to work at; "he said outside Alamogordo. My mom showed some of his gas and motel receipts, that he accidentally left in her new car, and they were from around the Los Alamos area! Mom said he would not discuss what he did.

My Grandmother knew he was a scientist in Bio human enhancement in the 1940's and 1950's. Including research on bio defense and emerging infectious disease agents. He was chauffeured in black cars with suited gun wielding Gov agent's for his protection. My Mom only saw her Father less than a dozen or so times in her life and he would bring her things like a 1956 Candy Apple Red Convertible Corvette of which was my first car ride in 1957, and only 3,467 made. My Mom would talk about this in the 1960's.

In the 1980s we tried to find Records of My Grandads Life and there were Zero, My Grandmother knew where he was born went to High school and collage = still nothing.

Tons of my Record's Medical and some Gov related are Gone. I lived it I know they should be there = Nothing!

This is Nothing New!

I received 0 vaccines when I was a kid because of what my Mother Mary was told by my Grandfather, and ZERO since.

My Mom even forged document's to cover school, that's how attainment she was about it. My Mother Mary Ann Weimer trained at NASA to be a Astronaut; being one of America's top teacher's, for Space Shuttle flights. She knew exactly what she was doing! I also! So, "Who's Crazy"?

Body Works

One reason for no vaccines is the human body like anything else of life is evolutionary and adaptive. And if you get it used to having its job done for it, then it relies on that and you cannot build naturally any new evolutionary aspects of you, to to deal with you or what could make you sick! Stuff stops working, that you would have if your were not a bunch of pansies. And rely on vaccines!

Half the stuff you put on your body or in it, you do not have a clue of its contents. So don't do it!

The Covid-19 vaccines are not fully tested or FDA approved = how stupid are you people. Especially letting your collage kids or children get vaccinated. Having a very small percentage of them getting sick and/or dying from Covid-19 anyway.

5/21/2021 FDA is not, Fully Testing, the long term effects and is Approving some vaccines.

Why not steel toe boots for anyone over 3 yrs, so they cannot stub there poor little toe!

Covid-19 was designed to cull the population that costs us a lot of money and thats the sick, disabled, old and retired as elderly.

Another proof is the medical community took many elderly off of respirators, through Gov recommendations, to let the scum that did not pay for anything have the opportunity to continue to screw our country over.

The elderly worked there whole life and were told that all the money paid into the system would be there for them in case of something like Covid-19.

We as a country completely lied to them and denied them what they had, "Paid For"! A lot, "Died"!

Proof that your Government and Medical Community are just a bunch of racketeering scum lying thieves, = Murders!

A lot of your government officials made intentional decisions in the Covid-19 conspiracy that killed thousands, none of them have any remorse in there murderous decisions, nor do you check them, just lay down. Zero responsibility in Government or Medical Care. They can make decisions to kill you, with no responsibility! What kind of non-sense is that, = MURDER!

The medical community that make these decisions are, "MURDERS" and scum, First Come First Serve, scumbags, is the only correct decision.

Or Are You God?

Screw University's that mandate vaccinations, most of what they teach you is forced useless stupid shit anyway. Go learn a skill, apprenticeship program or tech school's online. Mow your own lawn!

Do not send your kids to a school that requires vaccinations. All around the country the teachers and staff are not being required, most of the teachers and staff are to smart for that.

Any of you Doctors or upper Government Officials got a problem. A sporting event with a 24 foot ring in front of the USA/UPA Capital Building, Queensbury Rules, with no gloves, take a number!

Try to figure out how to stand in line if possible. For the sport of it, and we could have some fun, or at least I will!

I would love to see Biden and Trump getting it on, quit running your bitch mouths and get after it!

Sorry Donald. Most always liked Donald Trump! Biden's the Puppet Bitch. The election was rigged, way before the election!

My first call out would be to biggest piece of shit on our planet and that's Simon Cowell. I want your ass MF. I see whats in your eyes! For the Entertainment Value and the Sport of it, maybe I'd get a Howie Golden Ticket, to the finals with the Biden/Trump Winner!

Anybody in Government got any balls anymore?

  • All our Democratic Gov officials can run; "Is there Mouths"!

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