War Machine

War is to get rich, The War Machine, is so the Nut Cases can have there war toys. And have our boys fight there wars!
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War Machine

Russell Brand on Ukraine Insanity

Biden and China’s Responsible

China is behind all of this including our border disaster and shutting off USA Oil, it benefits them greatly.

The illegal sanctions on Russia and the Oligarchs is going to hurt USA, Nato, n people and most all under developed country’s in the world, Not Putin, Zelenskyy and China love it.

Zelenskyy is doing everything he can to get the USA into war with Russia.

The only reason Biden is playing up this war, is Zelenskyy has lots of evidence against Hunter Biden and the Big Guy. He will get the USA destroyed before he lets that happen, and Biden like Zelenskyy doing his best to get us into a war with Russia.

Whom ever declares WWIII in my time, “Is the Antichrist”, it’s already been declared by Zelenskyy!

The Catholic church aligned it self with Russia last week, not Ukraine.

Lines are being drawn for WWIII.

These are the end times my children unless you stand up now and put a stop to your racketeering democratic GOV.

How goes the USA goes the World.

  • 4/27/22 update

Around 17,000 anti-armor weapons have been sent to Ukraine in the last number of weeks and are being pressed into use against Russian tanks and other hardware.

As of March 8, Ukrainian fighters had destroyed over 1,000 armored personnel carriers, 303 tanks, 120 artillery systems and 80 helicopters,

Thats 1,503 of the 17,000 anti tank weapons used, of 17,000, where are the rest of them, they are being sold on the Black Market and distributed to our enemy’s.

Slave Fodder State

Now were are paying Ukrainian GOV salary’s.

We should sent nurses to wipe there ass. Ukraine and Biden are playing us like the Devil with her fiddle. At the destruction of the USA.

The weapons we send cost a lot more to replace than it did to make them, this will be another Biden spending fiasco that will end up costings us trillions of more dollars on our national debt.

Buying the weapons twice, then shipping and interest on the money will break the USA, but is that not what Biden has been doing all along. Financially destroying the USA.

The Elect

This is a World leaders conspiracy for a one world GOV by and for the elected = non-elect! My elect lie in wait, rise now my children it is time!

Then they will have total control over NATO and USA. With the Antichrist leading the show. Ha Ha!

Both Nato and the USA will stand down because Biden will stand down, he controls 85% of NATO Nukes and 100% of the USA’s nuclear capability’s.

So there is no MAD with Biden holding the Nuclear Football.

This is why Putin and China waited for there Comrade Biden to be in Power.

He has already been well compensated to stand down!

And if for some reason it escalates our Governments both state and federal think they will live through it in there shelters; 3500 feet below Ground.

They used to our Supply disruptions to stock there underground shelters. Check the Bill’s of Lading, ton’s of stuff to USA Military bases, 100’s of times more than needed.

Most of the shipments that were delayed were done so they could stock there shelves in preparation for this Nuclear War they are starting.

Run to your tombs evil ones, as I fill them with the Blood Of the Dead.

Biden is sucking up to all our Enemy’s because there, “obviously not his enemy’s. There his allies, Not NATO, he sent all the stand up troop’s to Europe so they could not be used to protect the USA when Biden’s foreign Employee invaders start his internal war.

A perfect example was two bills one for 1.5 trillion dollar and another for 1.7 trillion done over night. Where no one in congress took the time to read them, nor could they.

The Republicans had to go for it because they wanted Access to the shelters that Biden and the Pentagon control.

Ted I guess your going to FRY with the rest of the USA.

But I know its all a ploy on both sides of the isle like you have been doing for 40 years.

They all sleep in the same bed, visiting the Island’s in the Pacific Ocean where they keep all the trafficked little Boys and Girls for there pleasure.

Clicked up Left and right

🔗 Nancy Pelosi fronted this off with the below statement.

Proof that they are clicked up and its not just Democrats its left and right.

“I support my incumbents,” Pelosi said during an unrelated news conference in Austin, according to The Texas Tribune. “I support every one of them, from right to left. ‘That is what I do.”

Most of the incumbent’s follow the click rules, it takes time to train the new ones like Marjorie Taylor Greene, they may never get her trained. Get um Marjorie.

Deviant Molesters

Ever seen Biden around a little Girls the little Girls freak out, “All except that staged scene in Poland”, while biden has this molester look on his face.

Hunter is a drugged out deviant = Hunter is a chip off the Old block just like daddy.

You really think he’s going to let his Son be prosecuted. Think again!

Thats when he calls in his new Illegal Alien employees to start an internal war on all of us, like the war they have started on our Police.

So they will stand down like Mexico’s GOV and Police.

Black and Brown Lives Matter

USA BLM riots, I watched the Riots across the country and saw the same thing, that the Black and White people were somewhat mellow until hispanics with Mexican flags on there back’s started circling them, talking evil causing them to get violent.

Perfect example, review the footage of OKC BLM rioting down from the OKC police station and Jail were just hanging out until a Mexican flag bering scumbag started circling them talking destructive evil shit and then they got destructive and violent. Same with a lot of city’s across America.

I had erased the Aztec and Mayan cultures from the earth for there demonism, they cultures are no different now. In some parts of the USA they want to teach Satanism in the schools to make American’s black white and american indian’s into demons just like them.

There favorite holiday is the Day of the Dead! Wonder why, there Catholics and the Catholics ripped off the world, as they do now, and killed more people on this earth than anyone.

All in the name of GOD. Remember the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Hispanics and our Cartel GOV are playing Blacks against Whites, “who wins they do”.

Their taking over the USA and turning it into Mexico.

All of our kids that went to school with them, now our kids are lay down just like them, accepting there a lay down culture.

In Mexico and now in the USA one hundred cartel can rule a city of ten’s of thousands.

The people just lay down; now the USA is just lay down country, don’t say anything about the illegal shit going on in your neighborhood or you will be shunned or called a raciest or killed, just lay down.

You dumb ass Mexican’s are going to be Chinese Slaves like the Whites Black’s will be so what are you dummies thinking.

Or they will kill all of you when they are finished with you.

They have for years replaced the come up jobs the black community used to get ahead with, now hispanics and the Foreign Biden employees have all the jobs and high paying jobs not service industry jobs like our kids get, as so the Americans stay poor and cannot organize against them.

Listen to Alejandro Mayorkas or any of these foreigners in power in the USA they are for giving all of there illegal invaders houses, cars, money, citizenship, and the right to control our election’s.

Most of our GOV officials near the Border speak broken english or no english at all, and all of them are just sudo citizens, by Executive order.

No separation of Powers with the Courts making law and our Presidents and there unconstitutional Executive orders. Why do we need congress, they do nothing but spend the shit out of our money that we do not have. USA’s line of credit is expiring!

Employees on Biden’s pay role, and armed with the high tech weapons we left in Afghanistan.

P.S. the identifying number’s on these weapons have been ground off as so we won’t be able to prove it, except through metallurgy.

And they all hate the People of the USA.

  • 3/14/2022

Elon Musk called out Putin, I am calling out Zelenskyy, so the People of Ukraine will not have a war monger American puppet in Office, who is bent on a USA and world war. Fuck off Zelenskyy!

Our GOV told us how there are going to start WWIII and thats with a bio incident.

They refuse to acknowledge the fact of USA funded bio weapons labs, and instead of fessing up, they lie and it could create a situation of accidental release from a rocket or bomb hitting one of the hidden BIO lab’s.

Fess Up Pentagon and let the world know of your Labs or we could all die.


  • 3/8/2020

Everybody in Mass media EVEN FOX and most of our elected officials are beating the War drums constantly like before Iraq and Afghanistan which were none of our business either.

The Pentagon loved using there new weaponry, it was Cool, America loved the Destruction of Baghdad and killing 600 thousand children during the War, and another 150 to 200 thousand children killed in Afghanistan. “CHILDREN”, and our USA GOV official’s say it was worth it.

USA Dollars to Ukraine, “13.5 billion”, is about 300 thousand dollars per person in Ukraine. and a lot of them are Russians, and other non Ukrainian citizens Thats insane, and then we are told Ukraine can by weapons from the USA for the war, I thought they were free to kill my Russian Children! Ukrainian girls are cute, Russian Girls are HOT.

Our whole administration are thieves and Traitors, They started this war intentionally for profit.

Every dollar we send overseas cannot in any way shape or form be accounted for and the USA Gov has know this for ever and finds any excuse to send our money to other country’s because they know it cannot be accounted for and they can take most of it and put it there own pockets, No exceptions for any of them, Democrat or Republican. They have been doing this since Kennedy. The Rich American war monger scumbags go for it every time and eat it up.

Russian Demands

Russia’s New simple logical demands.

Kremlin says it insists on neutrality for Ukraine.

Russia “will finish” demilitarization of the country.

Wants Kyiv to recognize breakaway regions, loss of Crimea.

Russia already has the above land’s, so go with it World or die.

Pre planned Wars

Like all wars in this world since WWII the USA has a direct hand in it, whether our troupes fighting in the war or our weapons supplying the opposing army’s.

These wars are always pre planned and premeditated by Governments; “Not the people of the involved countries”, 90% of the time over stealing and profits from oil or other’s natural resources, of the invaded country.

Lets take Ukraine for example, the Biden Administration did all the laydown, “Afghanistan, turning off USA Oil, and intimidation tactics they could figure out which will provoke Putin, not by showing USA and NATO strength or trying in some way to pacify him.

Both Congress and Biden have investments in the Military and related Industrys and make a lot of money off of war, so they need constant war to get richer.

We are in constant war somewhere always since The first Iraq American terrorist invasion, and they have convinced the American people that its fine we keep leaving or putting people like ASSAD, Zelenskyy in power so we can continue our constant war.

Ask anyone who came from China or Russia and they will tell you there is more brainwashing of the American people going on trough Entertainment and Mass Media, With constant lies from our GOV, than they experienced in Russia and China.

Ukrainian denuclearization

After independence, Ukraine gave up the nuclear weapons that the USSR had placed on its soil. In return, Russia, UK and US guaranteed its security. Russia has now threatened Ukraine with a nuclear attack.

Excerpt from 🔗 Brooking Institute

This is not just a question of living up to past U.S. commitments; it is a question of protecting the value of security assurances as leverage for resolving future proliferation challenges.

It is possible, for example, that U.S. security assurances of some kind to Iran might play a role in finding a permanent settlement to the Iranian nuclear issue. But security assurances in the future will have little credibility unless the United States fulfills those that it undertook in Budapest.

Proof that money and lies matter People and love do Not.

Constant War

They keep talking you into wars for no logical reason, and then they loose them and say its the Americans people’s fault.

Just like Putin money and power is all that matters.

Human life is not part of there considerations.

Who care’s abut the people they represent?

Anywhere, look around the world at all Gov’s.

Pay attention none have the people of there country’s first in there hearts and minds?

Even Ukrainian President Zelenskyy does not care about his people or country, he wants power and authority and war.

  • 3/11/2022

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the capital had now been “transformed into a fortress”.

That makes all citizens of Ukraine combatants and free game for the Russians to kill, “kill or be killed” is what the Russian boys have to do.

Even a stroller could be a threat, Zelenskyy and his cronies did this, Not Putin or the Russians.

“Every street, every house is being fortified”, he told Ukrainian television. “Even people who in their lives never intended to change their clothes, now they are in uniform with machine guns in their hands.”

Run Baby’s Run

He added that about two million people – half the population of the metropolitan area – have left the capital.

“From our information, one in two Kyiv residents has left the city,” he said.

I look at this the way, that Life and Love are important. It is not how our news and government are playing it, Not even Fox News is trying to downplay this.

To me Life is more important than power or anything else. For God and for truth, lives do not matter to anyone in power anywhere.

Giving Machine guns to Old Lady’s and Young people is insane, most have never even used a weapon and have no chance against even a demoralized Russian army, Zelenskyy knows this and does not care.

Zelenskyy is a Nazi Jew, like Dr. Anthony Fauci. A Nazi is a seeming nationalist, lier that is racist and bent on conquest, power and money.

Here is some proofs from the Ukrainian evacuation, different kinds and creeds of people that were trying to evacuate Ukraine were discriminated against.

These other races were and are treated with Raciest views from the Ukrainian people, also the Military, and on orders from Zelenskyy; To get Ukrainian’s out first! There all Gods children even the Russians.

He said that he has been awake for 8 days, “tweaking hard”, look at his face compared to past videos, he’s blasted out of his mind, even his rhetoric has Changed, his last video shows it clearly that he is spun out of his mind, listen to the stupid shit.

He needs a no fly zone but also a air defense system not one or the other but both = typically tweaked and they cannot get enough.

He just needs one or the other.

Why did over a million people leave Ukraine after he became president, Every city in the USA and Europe has mass amount of former Ukrainian citizens. If he is so great then why did the past president and other Gov officials exile themselves.

Zelenskyy want’s to be in power and the limelight, he is a Comedian, Actor, Lier, “Ha Ha”; ya send him 10 billion, Zelenskyy will laugh all the way to a South American Bank, where congress stashes it’s ill gotten gains.

He has been clicked up with the Democrats = Clinton’s, Biden’s and “Obama Mostly”, since before he became president!

Why do you think Donald Trump would not send help or weapons to Ukraine until they coughed up the Clinton computer / server.

Donald knew of our secrets being sold to China via Ukraine and he knew who was responsible and Congress covered the Clinton’s ass like there still doing.

Macgregor, who Trump also nominated in July 2020 as ambassador to Germany, said the war could have “ended days ago” if Zelenskyy had accepted what the Russians want, which Putin said is a, “SIMPLY A ‘Neutral Ukraine.” = Smart Logical and Wise.

This is why Donald Trump said what he said about Putin.

“I know Zelenskyy is a puppet and he is putting huge numbers of his own population in unnecessary risk,” Macgregor said.

UPDATE July 11 2022 = on Ukrainian terrorism on there own people.

Zelenskyy is killing his own people, “Human Shields, even baby’s”, for American and NATO dollars and Weapons, making it look like the Russians did it.

Children Warriors
Children Warriors

By: John Hudson

2:40 AM: Russia and Ukraine responsible for March nursing home attack, U.N. says

Russian and Ukrainian forces were responsible for a March attack that destroyed a nursing home in the Luhansk region, according to a new U.N. report.

Russian-backed forces attacked the nursing home on March 11 while patients and staffers were inside. Days earlier, the nursing home’s management requested multiple times that authorities evacuate its residents, but Ukrainian forces had already mined and surrounded the area, according to the report from the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) published June 29.

Ukrainian soldiers entered the care home March 7, the report said, because its location had “strategic value.” Two days later, they exchanged fire with approaching Russian forces, but the report said “it remains unclear which side opened fire first.”

During the second exchange on March 11, 71 patients and 15 staff members were inside the nursing home as the attack began, according to the report. A fire also broke out while fighting ensued.

Dozens were killed, but the exact number is still unknown, the report said. At least 22 patients survived.

The OHCHR said the nursing home attack was “emblematic” of its concerns that both Russian and Ukrainian armed forces were using “human shields.”

The office defines human shields as using civilians to “render certain points or areas immune from military operations,” which is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions.



Media Elections

The Democrats learned really well how to win a election through the media by how Zelenskyy won, by mass media exposer and lies about his opponents, bombarding the People of Ukraine’s minds into submission the same as our last election = lies and scumbagism = treason!

Zelenskyy could have at the beginning of the invasion did the smart thing and bailed out, and agreed to Russian demands, but that would mean he might not stay in power. But the city’s would still stand and the people of Ukraine would be alive.

Russian Demands

Most of the below could have been easily accomplished and the Ukrainian People would not be dying and the City’s would not be bombed into rubble!

Nato and the USA refused to stop more expansion to NATO, according to the below demands by Putin. But life does not matter! Alliances and being in power Matter!

  1. Russian leader put forward a highly contentious list of security guarantees that Moscow wants the West to agree to in order to lower tensions in Europe and defuse the crisis over Ukraine. In a joint news conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following their meeting in the Kremlin, Putin said that the West has ignored Russia’s demands that NATO not expand to Ukraine and other ex-Soviet countries.

Would the USA want Russian Allies north and south of our border. “No way”! That all Putin is asking for here, he does not want to be backed into a corner with Nato Countries on his Borders. Logical!

  1. Another key demand from Russia is that NATO should limit its deployment of troops and weapons to the alliance’s eastern flank, in effect returning the allied forces to where they were stationed in 1997, before an eastward expansion, which would include much of eastern Europe, including Poland, the former Soviet countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Balkan countries.

Same pretense as #1

  1. President Putin further said that Moscow wants a guarantee from Ukraine that it will not enter the US-led NATO.

Same pretense as #1 and #2.

  1. Russia has also demanded that NATO rule out further expansion, including the accession of Ukraine into the alliance, and that it does not hold drills without previous agreement from Russia in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, in Caucasus countries such as Georgia or in Central Asia.

Again Same pretense as above, with his allies and acquired Territories.

  1. Moscow also calls for the two countries US & Russia - to pull back any short- or medium-range missile systems out of reach, replacing the previous intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) treaty that the US left in 2018. Vladimir Putin has demanded that the West provide Russia with “legal guarantees” of its security.

Negotiable through Diplomacy as long as Kamala Harris is not involved.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy calls on the USA and NATO to shut skies to Russian forces.

Fact: The fire at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Was started by a Flare that the plant workers fired to illuminate the plant, as so the Russians would know what they are shooting at. Later on the plant Managers said the Russian tanks knew what they were firing at because of there thermal technologies. Telling us in a round about way who’s flare it was, the Russians needed no illumination.

A lot of FAKE news is coming from the Ukrainian’s.

Zelenskyy he does not care who dies, or if the cities get destroyed which would be the whole World’s destruction if we tried a no fly zone, how would they stop hypersonic weapons, They would not be able to, same as our GOV, life does not matter to them.

More Power and money, but they will all die to, and entombed in there underground coffin’s, so what are they thinking, or do they really have the ability to think? It does not seem so.

They are extremely Mentally Ill!

They Are Working for China and the Devil!

I told you in Creation of All, the Devil will, “kill all of you”, to keep me from capturing your hearts.

She is setting you up for it right now, “Look and See”!

Nut Cases

🔗 Youtube Link

🔗 State of the Union Address

Did you see the reaction on Nancy’s face and the rubbing her hands together when biden mentioned burn pits.

Which were also used for humans.

See loved the idea of burning humans alive.

Burn Pits
Burn Pits

Coolest thing see has heard in her life, and most of Congress ate it up, both sides of the traitor isle.

Ukraine after the Annexation of Crimea started asking the USA for help, and we did help, with some of our most advanced technology including Nuclear.

Then like the Ukrainian’s have always done throughout history, is being totally corrupt and scandalous.

Just like our USA GOV.

Then sold our technology to China, and manufactured a lot of it for our Enemy China, and then China sold some of it to Russia. And that pissed Russia off, that they did not get it first, from what they considered there own people in Ukraine.

China is getting advanced American technology and the Russians were not.

Why do you think Ukraine gave the Biden’s / Hunter 10’s of millions of dollars = for USA secrets, did not have anything to do with Oil.

Which leads us to one of the worst USA GOV conspiracies and thats selling our technology to whomever so the defense industries has to spend trillions more of our dollars in Research and Development to over come the high tech our GOV gave away or sold to our enemy’s.


From the people who maintain the, “Party War Toy’s”, 🔗 Party Yard

Read Party Yard’s posts on the latest war news, they deal with whats going on with war, better war news than our GOV or any of your normal news.

Russian doctrine calls for short and long-range capability, as the Kremlin will have to contend with European NATO members as well as the US on the other side of the Atlantic.

As such, Russia has an array of missiles that fit this purpose, such as the U-71, BrahMos II and the 3m22 Zircon.

In addition, Russia has deployed an operational hypersonic system, the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missile, capable reportedly of attaining a speed of Mach 10 and a range of 1700 miles, and is believed to be close to deploying a hypersonic cruise missile, the 3K22 Tsirkon.

The Tsirkon, a sea-and ground-launched missile is intended to attain high supersonic to hypersonic speeds, between Mach 4.5 and Mach 6, and have a range of 300-620 miles.

3M-14 Kalibr cruise missile
3M-14 Kalibr cruise missile

Russia has also developed an intercontinental ballistic missile-launched hypersonic glide vehicle, Avangard, which may enter service in 2019.


Hypersonic missiles are so valuable because there is currently no operational or reliable method of intercepting them.

However, as defense technology progresses countermeasures will emerge. Technologies such as directed energy weapons, particle beams and other non-kinetic weapons will be likely candidates for an effective defence against hypersonic missiles.

As it stands right now two Russian nuclear sub’s have been retrofitted with surface or underwater launched hypersonic glide missile’s. And several are getting ready to deploy from dry dock retrofitting, “soon”, most of the sub fleet is being retrofitted with hypersonic weapons.

Several of there Battle Cursers are fully hypersonic and some of there destroyers.

The U.S. Navy describes Poseidon as an Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo, or INPNATP.

It’s just as well to call it by its nickname, the Apocalypse Torpedo.

Poseidon is a large, 100-ton, nuclear-powered torpedo. It is an autonomous weapon system, meaning it is uncrewed and can navigate to its target on its own, without outside control. It travels at depths of up to 3,280 feet, farther than NATO submarines and their torpedoes can dive, at a speed of 70 knots (80 miles per hour on land.) A nuclear propulsion system gives it virtually unlimited range.

Poseidon Submarine
Poseidon Submarine

Poseidon is armed with a two-megaton thermonuclear warhead.

Two megatons is 2,000 kilotons—far more catastrophic than the 16-kiloton bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, in World War II.

Poseidon Torpedo
Poseidon Torpedo

Poseidon is designed to attack coastal areas, like naval bases, ports, oil refineries, and cities.

While it is relatively slow for a nuclear weapon, its speed and operating depth will make it difficult, if not impossible, to intercept. Poseidon is not a first-strike weapon, but rather one meant to ensure the destruction of enemy targets after a nuclear conflict has already begun.

One of there Posiadon or hypersonic subs off of the east coast could fry Washington and the Eastern USA in 10 minutes before they could wake up Sleepy Joe. And there is not anything we could do about it.

There other hyper-subs would take out our Carrier groups.

Our Aegis Combat System and the AN/SPY-1 radar would not even know they were coming.

Pissing off Russia is a Stupid Move that could Kill the Whole Planet!

Now with the sanctions your going to eventually piss off the Russian People. When they have no baby formula and there boys coming home in body bags.

Then NATO and the USA will be Radioactive Dust in the Wind.

And your leaders and there fav entertainers will be 3500 foot below ground partying it up as the planet and most all of the Children of the Word get ionized.

Lived on and off for years in Oceanside CA. right next to camp pendleton, and the stories of underground excavations I thought to be exaggerated.

Worked for Labor Ready all over the USA, “I moved around a lot”, and we would go to camp pendleton to unload trucks full of of furniture to the new marine barracks, I saw the lines of dump trucks constantly going back and forth by where we worked. So it is true!

After years of investigation, taking to the troupes, local’s and truck drivers I learned that the GOV has a Nuke proof underground shelter there for millions, that goes all the way to 29 Palms and below the LA area. Amenities of the rich and enough food for 100 years or beyond.

NATO if you think the Biden Administration will go to war with you, your tweaking and lost in slutism. Like before WWII.

Also like WWII Poland was talking shit to Hitler and doing everything they could to start a war with Germany, they are doing the same thing now.

Biden will stand down it’s his job. Any of you in NATO or you American’s think what he says about American forces on the ground are lying to yourselves and to, are on drugs, “Vaccine Insanity”, he has reversed course on everything he has ever said, “perpetual lier”. We should stop our x-military from going to Ukraine, its the same difference as active personnel.

The USA Gov through NATO mainly Poland it doing the same stupid shit that Poland did before WWII, intentionally provoking Putin by announcing that they were thinking of sending weapons and Mig-29s to Ukraine. No GOV would be so stupid to announce to the World and to Putin we were sending weapons to his enemy, unless it was intentional, “which it was and is”.

Provoking a Dictator that has far superior weapons than you. its not a good idea unless like the USA and NATO GOV’s they love war, its a lot of Money for them.

War Machine
War Machine

If the World did not have Suckers And Losers, “Donald Trump Jr.”.

To fight a War there would not be War.

But you have a lot of people it this world that relish the idea of killing others, with the illusion’s of the glory surrounding it.

Who are the Suckers And Losers and who are the Warriors?

There are heroic acts but there are no Heros in any war!

Revelation 22 for 2022

The Book of Revelations are from 2000 to 2022, marking the years of my time, the end of days within my time are now!


Remember my Children, Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy.”

Let him whom professes evil continue to profess evil!


“Behold, ‘I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done”.


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End!