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React Netlify No Plugins

React Netlify No Plugins

 2019-07-06  6 min read  Category: 
React 🔌 I started using React within Jekyll in March and I was already using netlify and Netlify Identity and Netlify for my personal website so I picked 🔗 react + Netlify Starter for my first react Project, and it was slower than some of the other starters I messed around with. Identify Widget R…
Netlify CMS

Netlify CMS

 2019-03-22  6 min read  Category: 
Netlify 🔥 Static + content management = ❤️ 🔗 Site Netlify Cms App Netlify adding to Gatsby with netlify-cms-app, is the best way to do it in 2020 as Netlify Cms App Netlify app always creates its own DOM element for mounting the application. Best advice if you want to use Netlify with Gatsby is…
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