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Publishing Logic & Gods Truth! 

Planetary Laws

The Laws of man have strayed far from the truth of Creation and Gods Laws. Under Gods Law all Life is precious and should be preserved at all cost. Mans laws care nothing for life; you kill your, "Unborn Children"!

Breath Of Life

Creation Of All, was formed through song that started the dance of life from a blank and formless verse, bringing forth life to all. For all to formalize there, "Own Song"!

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PubliusLogic is a Static site using JAMstack architecture. Built using Gatsby, React, MDX, Tailwind and Typescript on Netlify Servers for, "Ultimate Performance"!

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Donald W. Boulton

Left Hand of Father God since the beginning of time!

Self Taught Full Stack Developer. Gatsby, MDX, TypeScript Tailwind CSS.

Coming Out of Retirement

I have been Retired from birth until I become 65, then I am getting to work, start singing, finding somewhere the people like to talk about God, Life, Love, Truth! Starting my Trinity's church on Earth. I Had to Walk this Earth twice as long as my Son Jesus. "To Know All before Action"!

Mans Books Of Life

Will be compared to Gods Books Of Life in one years time.


Basic Instructions Books While On Earth

Human Instruction Manuel the Last Testament to the Holy Bible.



Fruition is Over, "As of Nov 15 2022"!

Fruition has come and gone. Revelation 22:12,

Whatever Horse you ride or path your on in life. You will be stuck on that path for eternity.


Topics and Discussions

PubliusLogic has Topics on God / Creation, Law, USA and World Governments, Life Matters.

Focusing on the Re-Creation of Mankind to the Spiritual Beings you have forgotten about, as you only live in the Flesh.

Your Soul and Spirit your deny!

Creation of All

Been waiting around all of my life to start this. Kind of got complacent. Then next thing I know the Trinity was together and I was on my way! Matthew 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Your room or heart is inside of you, lose out this world and sleep, for only in your sleep is when you can communicate with father in, "A Secret", from you and all others. To a secret sleep with love and truth in your hearts!

Laws of this World

At PubliusLogic we Publish Logic as Common Sense. Publius was taken from The Federalist Papers and my extensive studies Of the USA Books at Large = USA Congressional Reports most of my focus was on Books I and II, including a lot of Notes and Letters from our Founding Fathers as well as reading all of our Founding Fathers Publius publications and extensively studying the true intent of some. Logic part of the name came from Thomas Payne in his book, "Common Sense", = Logic

Saving Mankind

The destruction of all Humanity is eminent. You are over populating the Planet at a accelerating rate. If you do not stop soon you will all be die from starvation. Mother Earth is a Fallen Angel, the Devil, Her job as Earth is to give life for mankind as in your flesh. You are completely disrespecting Her. She is in the process of culling or eliminating your species. The negative effect and energy force your planet is producing is effecting the Whole Verse. It will not be allowed to continue!

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PubliusLogic is a Static site using JAMstack architecture. Built using Gatsby, React and Typescript for ultimate performance. Served on Netlify via Cloudflare CDN, on Global Server nodes with a continuous deployment (CD,) workflow. Pull requests are automatically built into preview apps, while commits to the master branch trigger the production build and deploy onto Netlify CDN edge node infrastructure.

Latest Articles

Angelina Jordan

Angelina Jordan

To my Angel Angelina Jordan. Details on what I say and why I say it. I trust you and have no worries.
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God and Creation
  • Creation Of All

    Last Testament to the Holy Bible. Intro Enclosed is the creation of all, how To Pray to The Holy Trinity
  • Virtue

    For My Children Since 2000 Here I am going to reflect on what The Christian Bible, Sufism as Tasawwuf
  • Trinity of Man

    Prelude As in all my writings are written for my Children born since 2000. Only there purity can cleanse the
Law and Logic
  • Cyber Attack

    Warning Attack! Shelter Your Minds! Kind of like last years playtime post, it's not very
  • USA Election

    USA Election Our 2020 election was the most major Racketeering scheme ever, using foreigners
  • Philosophy

    To Sophistry My writing of God in the past got interpreted as philosophy. I will make it real clear what
  • Applause useSound

    Applause Button Click the flowers 🎉 for claps in the Bio Section above and see an hear the Magic. 🤟
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Churches I have and will be attending in OKC. My First was at New Life Church UPC of Edmond OK.


The Homeless and the rich thief's that steal all the Homeless Moneys.

Trinity of Angels

Trinity of Angels singing Angelic songs to the children of the world. Bring hope and Gods Love to all.


EMF EMP Attack on Congress and News including the USA critical infrastructure. My experiences with EMP bombarded on me.

Psychedelic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom, Psilocybe semilanceata, Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms.

Update's To Creation, and Virtue!

Before 11/15/2022: I will be a little more explanatory on the Creation of all.

Add some input from my Angel of Love to Virtue!

Final Trinity Works. The Trinity Of Man!

Ordered Spiritual Reading List!