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At PubliusLogic we Publish Logic as Common Sense. Our name was taken from my extensive studies Of the Books at Large = Us Congressional Reports including a lot of Notes and Letters from our Founding Fathers.

Built with ❤️ and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. PubliusLogic is a collection of tutorials by the Publius on a lot of human subjects. Since I have never had anyone work on anything of mine I build my own website's and enjoy coding it a lot. The tutorials on this site are surrounding Gatsby, React, ReactHooks, Styled Components and even bluma .css with Styled Components and styled icons. Using React hooks for Forms, Modals, Masonry Gallery Layout's, Google Maps and more. I have Moved from my website build with Jekyll adding React and a Webpack build to my Jekyll site gave me all the tools I needed to Build this Gatsby site. I have lots of ways to contact me within every page, so let me know of any errors, or issues you have with my writings or code.

Our name was taken from publications of 85 articles in mostly New York papers. The Publius was published anonymously as the - Federalist Papers - Constitution Facts. Including my 15 years extensive studies Of the Books at Large - USA Congressional Reports, also studying the of Notes and Letters from our Founding Fathers as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Logic Came from Thomas Paine's book Common Sense. Originally published anonymously, “Common Sense” advocated independence for the American colonies from Britain and is considered one of the most influential pamphlets in American history. Promoting the colonists to seek Independence.

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Gatsby GitHub Comments Utterances

Gatsby Comments Utterances

April 16, 2019

React withUtterances Repo Why use Utterances Taken From: Lets say all your users are developers and already have a GitHub account so they don’t need to sign up for yet another 3rd party service like Disqus (which will also track their every move through the web 😈) Unlike Staticman GitHub Issues are truly dynamic so new comments will show without having to wait for your site to rebuild…

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Modali Hooks Modals

Modali Hooks Modal

April 21, 2019

You can read about how Modali built at Upmostly. My Modali Modal can be seen further down in the page in Subscribe section email me icon on the Right. Which brings up the modal with a Netlify Posted, React Hooks email form using hooks for validation. Posting to Netlify - lambda functions to slack for instant notifications and a email to me. React Hooks Email form and validation is built with the help from...

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If you’re running a Gatsby blog (or any React-powered blog for that matter) and you’d like to add comment functionality, rest assured, it’s very easy. React Hooks is easy and light
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I get a lot out of posts on >_Upmostly, "James King", brings you original React and JavaScript tutorials each week. Learn React and JavaScript the right way..
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