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  • Churches


    2023-01-22Donald Boulton

    In the 1990's I traveled all over the USA going to Hundreds of different Churches investigating what was true or not about there worship of Father God. Just now reinvestigating the Church Life. OKC w…

  • Trinity of Angels

    Trinity of Angels

    2023-01-01Donald Boulton

    Trinity of Angelic Dream Girls Original Posting 2021-04-11 update post 2022-11-15 Trinity Revealed These Angels were born in my time and are young for a reason to hopefully break the world of Mass co…

  • The Day The I

    The Day The I

    2022-12-04Donald Boulton

    original post: 2022-06-04 The Day Live For the Day, Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is not here Yet! For the Day was made for Man, not Man for the day! A Story of Abraham He so loved Father God he made s…

  • Virtue


    2022-07-20Donald Boulton

    For My Children Since 2000 Original Publication Dated: 2021-04-22 Passion of the Flesh Updated: August 17th 2022 This is perfect to explain to my children about saving yourself for just one other to…

  • The Law Commandments

    The Law Commandments

    2021-04-30Donald Boulton

    The Law Something the USA and World has forgotten about! These laws were set way before Moses and were a World standard way of belief in all cultures! The Catholic Church doesn’t see the Ten Commandm…

  • Sing A Song

    Sing A Song

    2021-04-17Donald Boulton

    Lost Song I had a such voice when I was young that "Robert Platt", voice teacher to, some pop stars, gave me free lessons and came and found me if I did not show up. All I wanted to do was sing, and …

  • Works Of Flesh

    Works Of Flesh

    2021-04-13Donald Boulton

    Intro Works Old Testament When Father God Spoke In dream prayers to Mankind. Before Jesus answered your dream prayers, "New Testament", till 2000. Now it's my time! In my Human sometimes iniquitous l…

  • Creation of All

    Creation of All

    2021-04-04Donald Boulton

    Trinary Composition All substance is bound by a trinary composition consisting of, "- as negative, no life", "0 as Null", "and + as positive or Life". Having a binding Force as Dark Matter to bind al…