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    2022-12-20Donald Boulton

    Turn Off Your Phones Original Posting: 2021-06-06 Clues to EMF I lived with tree huggers in Arcata CA, for some time. There were a lot with them with Doctorates, very intelligent, smart and wise peop…

  • Psychedelic Mushrooms

    Psychedelic Mushrooms

    2022-12-04Donald Boulton

    Shrumers Man Father God through my spark through our creator Angels, gave us all things in perfection. All cures are in nature. Every yes has a no, whatever you can prove you can un-prove. Every st…

  • Baby Formula

    Baby Formula

    2022-05-14Donald Boulton

    The people of the USA and our GOV and mostly our Churches sent most of our available baby formula to Poland. Google the above and see how many Church's and non-profits sent what we need here overseas…

  • Vaccination


    2022-05-04Donald Boulton

    Rated Raw! I am beginning to find Russell Brand is a better news source than Fox News or anyone else. I will be adding his videos in some of my page's. Russell's Informative Comedy I find on point an…

  • Cyber Attack

    Cyber Attack

    2021-05-24Donald Boulton

    Warning Attack! Shelter Your Minds! Prelude The below is kind of like last years 🔗 Playtime Post my first call out to the, "Evil Ones", it's not very kind and doesn't flow well and is kind of relea…

  • Government


    2021-04-20Donald Boulton

    Government In the year 2021 the way you govern is ancient. You have the internet and a secure way of voting online and not need any representation, as in congress. Everyone could at any time can prop…