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Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

 2021-05-24  29 min read  Category: 
Warning Attack! Shelter Your Minds! Prelude The below is kind of like last years playtime post, it's not very kind and doesn't flow well and is kind of release for me. Somewhat of a Rant. Years of things and event's you all seemed to have overlooked. Or did not want to see the truth! Some of the be…


 2021-05-04  10 min read  Category: 
Rated Raw! No Kids! No Don't Do It! To Gene Collier / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 8/8/21. Fox is correct! Time will tell that I and Fox are correct on Vaccines and Control. So Kiss My Ass Gene, quit running your bitch mouth. You sound like that retarded murder Biden, or Nancy Pelosi and her Crew. Tra…
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