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  • Trinity of Angels

    Trinity of Angels

    2023-01-01Donald Boulton

    Trinity of Angelic Dream Girls Original Posting 2021-04-11 update post 2022-11-15 Trinity Revealed These Angels were born in my time and are young for a reason to hopefully break the world of Mass co…

  • The Day The I

    The Day The I

    2022-12-04Donald Boulton

    original post: 2022-06-04 The Day Live For the Day, Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is not here Yet! For the Day was made for Man, not Man for the day! A Story of Abraham He so loved Father God he made s…

  • Andrea Bocelli

    Andrea Bocelli

    2022-04-24Donald Boulton

    Andrea Bocelli In my latter part of my life I have sought utility and needing a little as possible to get by, usually just my needs, very few want's. No Professional sporting events, No Nascar races …

  • Sing A Song

    Sing A Song

    2021-04-17Donald Boulton

    Lost Song I had a such voice when I was young that "Robert Platt", voice teacher to, some pop stars, gave me free lessons and came and found me if I did not show up. All I wanted to do was sing, and …